Thanksgiving Day – Macy’s Parade – The Troops

As  tribute to the troops I am posting some pictures of the Macy’s Parade and our troops. Some troop pictures are from Iraq. Others are from the Redskins game half tome ceremony.


~ by devildog6771 on November 24, 2006.

8 Responses to “Thanksgiving Day – Macy’s Parade – The Troops”

  1. thanks for stopping by. ooh rahh! I’m retired Navy myself.
    bandofbloggers2 said this on December 5th, 2006 at 6:39 pm

    Thanks for the visit my friend! Lol, a [squid]. You know I could not pass up a chance for that little affectionate “dig!” Oh well, a friend used to call me a BAM [broad ass Marine] but I preferrred to think it stood for [bad ass Marine]…ha! ha! Bet you got a lot of ribbing from your Marine buddies. I know my sailor friends used to pour it on to me! Of course it was all in fun.

  2. thanks for stopping by. ooh rahh! I’m retired Navy myself.

  3. An all volunteer military is much more professional. The men and women aren’t war mongers but they believe in what they are doing. They are there by choice. That doesn’t mean they are blind, mindless automatons who can’t think for themselves. Many of our troops have spoken out publicly when the need arose on occasion.

    Their morale is high, very high. Today’s American military is better educated than the national average of non-military personnel. IN my opinion, if ewe had a draft the casualty list would triple, or at least double.

    I thank God every day for the quality, character, stamina, loyalty, andf dedication of our troops. They are truly America’s finest. I do not in any way wish to seem to belittle our past soldiers in any way. But, I don’t think many can disagree that when you fight or serve by choice, you make a far better soldier on the whole.

  4. man would the draft bring some changes. but i wonder if it would bring problems of pointing out those who are too cowardly to fight, as it did in veitnam.

  5. They wouldn’t makeit through the first chow hall visit! Lol!

  6. LOL! I do like that Idea but I would feel so sorry for the DI’s.
    Can’t you just hear the whining – ” he yelled at me!”

  7. I shouldn’t encourage you; but, good for you. I am sorry, but I am damn tired of justifying defending this country and the brave men and women who actually do the defending! We ought to start a draft and draft everyone of them first. They should establish a battalion just for them. Then train the hell out of them and send them to Baghdad. No wait. Send half to Baghdad and half to the other areas of Iraq that are peaceful. After each group spends six months in their respective region swap them. Then make them serve 6 more months. Due to conflict og interest, none should be allowed to be officers untill they have served three years as an enlisted person first.

    We want to make sure that Pelosi, Murtha, and members of the Progressive Caucus, UPFJ, ANSWER, and ACORN all have kids or grandkids drafted first into that battalion. Also Chelsea Clinton, who must also serve as enlisted first.

  8. Love the pics! We were doing really well here at Thanksgiving until one of the family brought up the “atrocities” committed by our troops, among other things. An Air America believer to boot.

    Yes, I did actually yell…quite a bit in fact.

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