A day of remembrance!

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As I think back on this day, I remember the special news bulletin!  As I watched the special bulletin about the plane ramming the first tower! The Broadcaster is telling what happened. Suddenly the cameras  switch to a other plane that is headed for the second  itower!  I know I am not alone in the shock and horrific I. Experienced at the site of that second plane as it ominously rammed into the second tower and exploded!

For months I saw that image every night and day without letup! I was afraid I would never again have a moment when it left my thoughts! Today I am still moved to tears as I reflect that event and those who lost their lives that day!

I also reflect on the lives of all our troops who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan and around the world in response to the 9/11 atacks! Our family lost someone in Kuwait while actively serving there during operation enduring freedom on March 5, 2004! T he loss of my. Nephew had a profound effect on my family and his own immediate family!

His mother .has died from brain cancer. His grandma has also died. Hegrewup in the home of his grandma. The three of them all lived together and. Mike was growing up! For all practicle purposes, his mother died that day when she found out he had been killed! He was her only child!! He was raised in my mom’s house! He was the first  grandchild who was born just before the death of the oldest of my younger by brothers! Mikes death brought all those bad times back for my mom! She also gave up after Mike died. later when his mom and my brother died, it was all too much for mom and she died too!

So as you reflect on this day, offer your prayers and support to the extended familie who are still trying to carry on their shattered lives. Remember the troops still in harm’s way and their families. If you know such a family, offer them a friendly hello!  Maybe offer them whatever help they may need if you can.  Maybe offer to babysit for a few hours to give the parent a few hours break!

There isnt an adequate support system for families in times of tragedy! We all try to help in our own way; but, we often find it lacking! This is a good time for us All to reflect on things and maybe volunteering to help out in some way! Just a thought!

To all you die hard supporters, thank-you for dropping by!



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I have been absent from this blog for some time now due to personal issues. I lost a brother, a sister, and my mom. Needless to say blogging  was not at the top of my list of things to do. I appreciate those diehard supporters who have continued to visit my site. Thank You all very much. There are many issues that I would like to write about and exchange ideas; but, I am not yet able to do so. Mom just died June 2, 2015. My brother and sister lived with mom and they both died in the last five years. I am a person who grieves for quite a while. So, please bear with me.

Magggie, the Brits, and other little bits!

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A year ago this past December I had a stroke. While in the hospital I found out that I had already had two others without my realizing so? To all you people out there who don’t know about “mini-strokes,” please be aware these strokes are a warning to get yourself on the road to better health. Lose weight, change your diet to one that is healthy. Keep your sugar under control. Above all get plenty rest and exercise after you check with your doctor about all of these things.! My cholesterol was sky high as was my blood sugar. Fortunately, my blood pressure was good.

I was very fortunate that my strokes did not leave me with any obvious indications of a stroke. I didn’t need physical therapy and such. I did need attitude readjustment! (lol) I was told that failure to follow instructions about my situation would most likely result in a major stroke or heart attack within the next five years. Now that was a wake up call. I quit smoking 1.5 to 2 packs a day on the spot. Haven’t smoked since. I do have some very graphic smoking dreams. I swear I can actually taste the smoke when I wake up after one of those dreams!

I have noticed some mental symptoms. I have some limited short term memory problems. Does “out of sight, out of mind ring a bell?” When I finally get access to a computer, I have some trouble blogging. Now that makes me angry and  frustrated.  Especially now with so much going on. I can’t believe the administration isn’t sending a delegation to Maggie’s funeral. NO excuse for such poor manners. Somebody mentioned Biden ought to be sent. God, no, please no, not Joe!!!!  He will screw it all up before he even he even makes it to London. Of course Maggie’s stand on Socialism will put Obama off. Consider you selves lucky all you Brits and accept our heart felt condolences. You won’t miss Obama. We won’t miss him if he goes. No such luck.!

Have your marathon. Don’t let a bunch of hooligans stop you. Brits are tougher than that!

The History of Israel is being replayed again today. Netanyahu spoke at the UN about the forces of evil spreading worldwide today and a nuclear Iran!

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I waited all moning for the Iranian leader to address the U.N. Also, waiting for the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, my hero, to speak. This man is remarkable to me. His presence enlists trust and strength of character and willpower. I can’t find anything reassuring about the leader of Iran except to say he is nothing if not predictable. I expected his speech today would be scathing. I expected the Israeli Prime Minster would respond appropriately! I hoped he would give a truthful History lesson for Iran about the existence of Israel, the Jews, and Jerusalem.
He is speaking now and the first thing he did was describe the true History of “the Jewish state since David!
“The Jewish people have come home and we will never be uprooted again!” We Americans might listen more closely to this man’s words as we allow the Muslim activists in America to spread their “Sharia Law” throughout out nation! He spoke of radical Islam preventing the peaceful co-existence of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He was right on target when he discussed the radicals Muslim refusal to leave the darkness of past or dark ages. His speech was extremely hopeful and well versed and factual! He compared events today to the rise and fall of Hitler and the effects on the world. He wisely said a nuclear Iran would bring on another such time again! I agree with him completely! All the revolutionaries in America and throughout the world might learn something if they listen to his words. Maybe Netanyahu is the modern-day world Churchill saving the world from a down fall to evil! His speech was amazing and moving!

No More USSA. Bring back the USA. That is the best way to honor our troops and veterans

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Each war is different, each war is the same

Each war is different, each war is the same (Photo credit: kevin dooley)

I have been trying hard to decide how to best pay tribute to all our troops, past and present who have served one nation. I joined the USMC a week after graduating from High School. It was my life long dream. I can’t really say when that dream began to grow inside me . It was just there one day and I worked hard to achieve it. You hear a lot all the time about the “boomers” and the “greatest generation!” I remember as a child “the War” was always talked about in this respectful and fearful voice. Sometimes I felt like “the war” was still going on somewhere and I suppose it was in many people’s minds either as PTSD, remembering the bread and food lines or working in the factories to build the planes and everything else needed for our “boys!” To this day my mother has to go to the store if the front row in her cabinet is empty or not full all the way across. I heard her tell her cousin recently, “she was the same way, whatever that meant, she remembered the rationing and all and she felt compelled top keep her cabinets completely full.”

When usually had a garden when I was a preteen. We grew almost all our vegetables and some fruit. Mom canned many things, made jams, jellies, preserves, etc. It was all delicious. IT also cut back the grocery bill for a family of eight considerably.It seemed to me everyone we knew had a garden. We also had Bantam chickens for eggs and for food. You haven’t seen anything until you see a Bantam hen defending her baby chicks or have been chases by a Banty rooster. They can be quite ferocious.

At our house we all knew not to ask Dad too many personal questions about the war. When John Wayne, Henry Fonda , or any one of those other great stars came on TV in a war movie, my dad always watched them almost reverently! We all knew we better be quiet and watch the movie too. He also loved that show, “Combat” that came on every week until the star got killed by a chopper because he forgot to duck during taping of an episode. Vic Marrow was a good actor. Dad always said real heros never talked about their medals and the war. So when I came home from school one day and told him about this kid at school talking about his dad’s medals, dad just said, that famous line, “heroes don’t talk about their medals. After my Dad died mom found Dad’s medals. She didn’t even know he had them. He never told her about them.

When I joined the USMC all my dad said was it was no game. The military owned me for the duration of my enlistment. No talking back or discussion, just do as you’re told. He was right! I wasn’t an outstanding Marine. I did my job. I tried to do it well. I had a great deal of pride in the Corps. My three brothers were in the Army at Ft. Bragg. One of my sister also joined the Corps and served  at Quantico with me. When we all came home at the same time, it was a constant loud discussion over which was best, the Corps or the Army. We drove my Mom nuts. Naturally, my Dad got into the fray at times. I think all these boisterous encounters had a lot to do with my nephew Mike going into the Navy after the Twin Towers were bombed. One brother was an MP and later a local Deputy Sheriff. This started a law enforcement trend in the family. First with Mike and later, my own daughter.

We are not a rich family. I’d have to say we are middle class. We have some very bright people and some not so bright. I’ll leave this at that. We’re not special. I think the service side of us all comes from my mom and dad teaching us values, ethics, morals. We were taught, you work for everything. If you don’t earn it you don’t usually respect something. We were taught to respect adults and our elders, manners were insisted upon. Don’t lie, steal, oe cheat. No one can take away one’s dignity or self-respect; but, one could give  them away by one’s misdeeds. We were taught about God. To respect those teachings in the Bible. We were taught about the freedoms we have here in America and to be grateful for them and protect them. If I hadn’t been taught these values as a child, I might not have taught them to my own kids. Any more it seems that the way I was brought up is gone for good. Many parents don’t tech kids anything but about alcohol, drugs, & what is “owed to one” from the guvment!!

Flying the Flag, parades and speeches are nice tributes to our troops now and the memories of the sacrifices of the fallen. But a greater tribute would be not to fail to protect what our troops defend with their lives every day or else the boomer generation will be remembered as the generation that allowed what the greatest generation died defending slip away. What a tragedy? What  a sad tribute to our deceased veterans and those serving now. I don’t want to serve or do anything else for the USSA but I will defend with my life the USA until my dying breath.

So you want to honor our troops and our past Veterans; then, vote in November in a way to help restore the USA and let’s get rid of everything that symbolizes the USSA! Don’t try to pretend it never was, ,et history record its coming and passing so we can learn from our mistakes!! This is my Memorial day tribute to the troops and the memory of those gone. That I salute them every day and love and support the USA in every way I can. God Bless our troops. God Bless America!

From Stars and Stripes and Military.com – What’s happening now with our Military !

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Patriot Guard

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With all the events taking place here at home, I haven’t had time to post here as often I would like. As our troops fight to preserve our freedom, and the peace and freedom in Afghanistan, I have tried to help make a difference here at home in our ongoing battle against socialism/communism.

I did some checking on the current news about our military. I found some good links on various stories at Stars and Stripes:

Here are a few more from Military.com:

Both of the sites are excellent sources for news and information for about and for our Military personnel. Please consider visiting these sites. Often you will find information that will tell you how you can help a military family in need. You can also find some links to excellent sites that provide services for our military veterans in need, those deployed, and military families!

A Birthday Tribute to President George Bush

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Official photograph portrait of former U.S. Pr...

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Former President George Bush will be 65 on July 6, 2011. As a birthday tribute to George, I wrote a poem. I am not great at this; but, I am sure the thoughts will come through!

George Bush

He came to town and spoke with a Texas drawl,
Spoke to us all with a big, “Hi, y’all!”

He had a good sense of humor and a twinkle in his eye,
Something about his manner said I’m a nice guy.

George was often the target of the liberal left,
yet he went about his business  pretending to be deaf.

No one knew what was about to come,
Terrorists in planes would block out our sun!

But, on that day of tragedy and sorrow,
George stood in the rubble and promised a better tomorrow!

He went after bin Laden and Saddam Hussein,
He made sire neither hurt us again!

Many of our soldiers fought and died,
For each one, George bush cried!

He left office with his head hung in shame,
The left at his heels shouting blame!

Hold your head high George, you loved our nation,
A leftist secret agenda was our real damnation!

Everyday as we slip closer to the left’s abyss,
I’ve harbored a wish to tell you this!

You see, you aren’t to blame for all that was done,
We, the nation, are for abdicating our duty solely to fun!

When I think of your service for eight trying years,
I  feel gratitude though my eyes are full of tears!

As the left tore our nation apart,
you continued to lead straight from the heart!

Thank you George, for leading  the U.S. of A.,
through one of its greatest tragedies to this very day!