The History of Israel is being replayed again today. Netanyahu spoke at the UN about the forces of evil spreading worldwide today and a nuclear Iran!

I waited all moning for the Iranian leader to address the U.N. Also, waiting for the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, my hero, to speak. This man is remarkable to me. His presence enlists trust and strength of character and willpower. I can’t find anything reassuring about the leader of Iran except to say he is nothing if not predictable. I expected his speech today would be scathing. I expected the Israeli Prime Minster would respond appropriately! I hoped he would give a truthful History lesson for Iran about the existence of Israel, the Jews, and Jerusalem.
He is speaking now and the first thing he did was describe the true History of “the Jewish state since David!
“The Jewish people have come home and we will never be uprooted again!” We Americans might listen more closely to this man’s words as we allow the Muslim activists in America to spread their “Sharia Law” throughout out nation! He spoke of radical Islam preventing the peaceful co-existence of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He was right on target when he discussed the radicals Muslim refusal to leave the darkness of past or dark ages. His speech was extremely hopeful and well versed and factual! He compared events today to the rise and fall of Hitler and the effects on the world. He wisely said a nuclear Iran would bring on another such time again! I agree with him completely! All the revolutionaries in America and throughout the world might learn something if they listen to his words. Maybe Netanyahu is the modern-day world Churchill saving the world from a down fall to evil! His speech was amazing and moving!


~ by devildog6771 on September 27, 2012.

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