Magggie, the Brits, and other little bits!

A year ago this past December I had a stroke. While in the hospital I found out that I had already had two others without my realizing so? To all you people out there who don’t know about “mini-strokes,” please be aware these strokes are a warning to get yourself on the road to better health. Lose weight, change your diet to one that is healthy. Keep your sugar under control. Above all get plenty rest and exercise after you check with your doctor about all of these things.! My cholesterol was sky high as was my blood sugar. Fortunately, my blood pressure was good.

I was very fortunate that my strokes did not leave me with any obvious indications of a stroke. I didn’t need physical therapy and such. I did need attitude readjustment! (lol) I was told that failure to follow instructions about my situation would most likely result in a major stroke or heart attack within the next five years. Now that was a wake up call. I quit smoking 1.5 to 2 packs a day on the spot. Haven’t smoked since. I do have some very graphic smoking dreams. I swear I can actually taste the smoke when I wake up after one of those dreams!

I have noticed some mental symptoms. I have some limited short term memory problems. Does “out of sight, out of mind ring a bell?” When I finally get access to a computer, I have some trouble blogging. Now that makes me angry and  frustrated.  Especially now with so much going on. I can’t believe the administration isn’t sending a delegation to Maggie’s funeral. NO excuse for such poor manners. Somebody mentioned Biden ought to be sent. God, no, please no, not Joe!!!!  He will screw it all up before he even he even makes it to London. Of course Maggie’s stand on Socialism will put Obama off. Consider you selves lucky all you Brits and accept our heart felt condolences. You won’t miss Obama. We won’t miss him if he goes. No such luck.!

Have your marathon. Don’t let a bunch of hooligans stop you. Brits are tougher than that!


~ by devildog6771 on April 16, 2013.

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