A Poem by Russ Vaughn


I came across a poem tonight that really says it all for me with respect to the current media coverage of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan and the War on Terror in general. I have found myself so angry and frustrated of late with the news coverage. I am even more frustrated at the members of our Congress that refuse to allow this administration to do its job.

Seven months into this administration and Presidential appointments for key positions are still tied up by a bunch of Socialists demi Gods and a handful of self serving, spineless Republicans.

I don’t know what is worse. Senators like Biden and Pelosi or cowards like Hagel. Now Biden wants to change the course of the war. Recently Hagel blasted the President. Are we again going to follow past patterns and reaffirm both the enemy and Middle Eastern belief that the US cannot be trusted to stay for the long haul. The enemy is counting on it to the point that at any personal cost they are determined to drag out the war. The Common man and woman in the streets is afraid we will follow pattern and abandon them before they are strong enough to stand on their own.

Where is Europe during all this, sitting on their laurels as they have done in the past. Will they again follow the same pattern they did in World War II and do nothing but appeasement until the enemy is at their own individual door steps?

So read on and see what Russ had to say in his poem. Apparently he was not endeared to the media for his poem! Personally, I salute him.

“Fighting Words
Written by Russ Vaughn
Friday, November 26, 2004

You media pansies may squeal and may squirm,
But a fighting man knows that the way to confirm,
That some jihadist bastard truly is dead,
Is a brain-tapping round fired into his head.
To hell with some weenie with his journalist degree
Safe away from the combat, trying to tell me,
I should check him for breathing, examine his eyes.
Nope, I”m punching his ticket to Muj paradise.

To hell with you wimps from your Ivy League schools,
Sitting far from the war telling me about rules
And preaching to me your wrong-headed contention
That I should observe the Geneva Convention,
Which doesn’t apply to a terrorist scum
So evil and cruel their own people run from,
Cold-blooded killers who love to behead,
Shove that mother Geneva, I’m leaving em dead.

You slick talkingheads may preach, preen, and prattle,
But you’re damn well not here in the thick of the battle.
It’s chaotic, confusing it all comes at you fast,
So it’s Muj checking out because I’m going to last.
Yeah, I’ll last through this fight and send his rear away
To his fat ugly virgins while I’m still in play.
If you journalist weenies think that’s cold, cruel, and crass,
Then pucker up sweeties, kiss a fighting man’s ass.

Russ Vaughn
2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division
Vietnam 65-66

About the Writer: Russ describes himself as a proud red-state retard and a former Democrat ’til they made him politically homeless and the Republicans offered him shelter. He spent six years as a paratrooper and served in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne. Russ receives e-mail at lkv@direcway.com.”

~ by devildog6771 on June 22, 2005.


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