A Birthday Tribute to President George Bush

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Former President George Bush will be 65 on July 6, 2011. As a birthday tribute to George, I wrote a poem. I am not great at this; but, I am sure the thoughts will come through!

George Bush

He came to town and spoke with a Texas drawl,
Spoke to us all with a big, “Hi, y’all!”

He had a good sense of humor and a twinkle in his eye,
Something about his manner said I’m a nice guy.

George was often the target of the liberal left,
yet he went about his business  pretending to be deaf.

No one knew what was about to come,
Terrorists in planes would block out our sun!

But, on that day of tragedy and sorrow,
George stood in the rubble and promised a better tomorrow!

He went after bin Laden and Saddam Hussein,
He made sire neither hurt us again!

Many of our soldiers fought and died,
For each one, George bush cried!

He left office with his head hung in shame,
The left at his heels shouting blame!

Hold your head high George, you loved our nation,
A leftist secret agenda was our real damnation!

Everyday as we slip closer to the left’s abyss,
I’ve harbored a wish to tell you this!

You see, you aren’t to blame for all that was done,
We, the nation, are for abdicating our duty solely to fun!

When I think of your service for eight trying years,
I  feel gratitude though my eyes are full of tears!

As the left tore our nation apart,
you continued to lead straight from the heart!

Thank you George, for leading  the U.S. of A.,
through one of its greatest tragedies to this very day!


~ by devildog6771 on June 28, 2011.

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