A day of remembrance!

As I think back on this day, I remember the special news bulletin!  As I watched the special bulletin about the plane ramming the first tower! The Broadcaster is telling what happened. Suddenly the cameras  switch to a other plane that is headed for the second  itower!  I know I am not alone in the shock and horrific I. Experienced at the site of that second plane as it ominously rammed into the second tower and exploded!

For months I saw that image every night and day without letup! I was afraid I would never again have a moment when it left my thoughts! Today I am still moved to tears as I reflect that event and those who lost their lives that day!

I also reflect on the lives of all our troops who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan and around the world in response to the 9/11 atacks! Our family lost someone in Kuwait while actively serving there during operation enduring freedom on March 5, 2004! T he loss of my. Nephew had a profound effect on my family and his own immediate family!

His mother .has died from brain cancer. His grandma has also died. Hegrewup in the home of his grandma. The three of them all lived together and. Mike was growing up! For all practicle purposes, his mother died that day when she found out he had been killed! He was her only child!! He was raised in my mom’s house! He was the first  grandchild who was born just before the death of the oldest of my younger by brothers! Mikes death brought all those bad times back for my mom! She also gave up after Mike died. later when his mom and my brother died, it was all too much for mom and she died too!

So as you reflect on this day, offer your prayers and support to the extended familie who are still trying to carry on their shattered lives. Remember the troops still in harm’s way and their families. If you know such a family, offer them a friendly hello!  Maybe offer them whatever help they may need if you can.  Maybe offer to babysit for a few hours to give the parent a few hours break!

There isnt an adequate support system for families in times of tragedy! We all try to help in our own way; but, we often find it lacking! This is a good time for us All to reflect on things and maybe volunteering to help out in some way! Just a thought!

To all you die hard supporters, thank-you for dropping by!



~ by devildog6771 on September 11, 2016.

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