Will the “Cowards in Congress” allow history to repeat itself? I am ashamed that our nation once again is slinking away on its belly instead of finishing the battle!


We are seeing the same thing in America today that happened during the Vietnam era. The difference is there is NO comparison between the two wars. The driving force behind this election results would like for all Americans to believe the two are one in the same! Don’t believe them. There are people in our country, as in any country, that do not support the ideals found in our Constitution. Regardless of their claims they are lying. Otherwise, they would not spend so much time supporting Castro, the terrorists, and every other fanatical group that only believes in “revolution for the people!” If you take the time to look closely at the dynamics that ended Vietnam, these same people went across America and started protest marches. They even bussed in loads of people to get these rallies going and stir people up. They especially appealed to the minority groups. Now, just as then, their people flooded the Congress with letters and calls at pre-established times and dates from all over the country. When Congress is swamped with letters and calls in this fashion it gives the impression of being a national trend. Between the parades, letters, and calls, and now the 502’s on the tube, the media will not ignore their activities. The media just doesn’t seem to spend a lot of time finding out who or what is really behind these activities. This creates a media blitz of information that in this case is rarely positive. People have to understand that when there is a constant media blitz like these groups use all the time it appears to give credibility. The people and movements behind this blitz of negativity learned from the 60’s. They changed their terminology, they for the most part, left out the violence of the then, they adapted! Of course the nation is also not experiencing the degree of social change as existed then either! This has required even more adaptability. They have spent years silently and stealthily organizing for this election and the big one, 2008. They still prey on college students who are young and malleable and now even want to recruit high school kids. But there is a tool now that was lacking then that allows them to draw in millions of dollars in a very short time. It allows them instantaneous contact and recruiting. Under the new campaign finance laws, the 502’s have given them unprecedented access to resources never before available. They already knew how to organize. Now they have the Internet. The problem in America is most people really do not realize the determination and resilience of these people! Nor do people realize how highly organized they are. But if the rest of the country doesn’t wake up soon it will be too late. This is not an idle doom and gloom rant of a conspiracy nut. I lived through what these so called Americans did in the sixties. In many ways before I let my brain begin to not blindly follow, I supported, as did many others these people’s causes. Actually the causes were just but not all the people involved in the causes can say so! They knew how to hit you where your need was greatest. They still do. They ride on the tide of major social events or change and use them to push their agenda. This latest wave hides behind progressiveness. That term has a nice ring to it doesn’t it. There is nothing about the term progressive that sounds threatening. It even has a nice ring to it. It is a word that has a positive implication. But let’s read what our progressive leaders really think, feel, or believe in. This time I’ll use the Progressive Democrats of America who have pretty much taken control of the Democratic party. Previously, I was under the mistaken impression that the Progressive Caucus was solely irresponsible for that claim to fame. I believed the “Progressive Movement” in Congress and the party was mantra. I was mistaken. Both groups are run by many of the same people but operate in different fashions to accomplish their objective. Here are some excerpts and tidbits about the people behind the Democratic sweep, the weak kneed response of the Republicans and the general air of malaise in our nation. These are the people who brought out voters in droves. : “Progressive Democrats of America”” “Founded to provide a “philosophical home within the Democratic Party for the progressive community” “We dedicate ourselves to beginning the long, patriotic, nonviolent, and ultimately unstoppable process of transforming the Democratic Party.” “”Largest radical group in America, with 175,000 dues-paying member families, and more than 850 chapters in 70 US cities Implicated in numerous reports of fraudulent voter registration, vote-rigging, voter intimidation, and vote-for-pay scams during the 2004 election Maintains close ties to organized labor” “studied grassroots organization at the University of Chicago with Saul Alinsky during a year-long seminar in the 60s” “A principal organizer of Students for a Democratic Society Collaborated with North Vietnamese Communists during the Vietnam War Organized riots at the Democratic Convention in Chicago 1968″ “Married Jane Fonda and organized with her a successful lobby to cut off US aid to Cambodia and Vietnam” “Many term Democratic Assemblyman and Senator in California Failed mayoral candidate Blames U.S. policies for 9/11 World Trade Center attack” **Radical student group during the 1960s Spearheaded the Anti-Vietnam War movement **[SDS] Was transformed into the Weathermen, a terrorist cult…Hayden and his cohorts — including Jerry Rubin, Abby Hoffman and Black Panther Bobby Seale — were arrested and indicted for crossing state lines to incite a riot. They became known as The Chicago Seven.** Democratic Member of Congress, co-chair of the radical Progressive Caucus Former agent of Black Panther leader and convicted killer Huey Newton Collaborated with the Marxist dictatorship of Grenada to deceive the U.S. Congress Voted against using military force against terrorists following the 9/11 attacks Has consistently voted against U.S.-led military action, regardless of circumstances “We’ll boycott a corporation until the ends of the Earth if we have to. … We now know how to be an effective thorn in the sides of a transnational.” a leader of the anti-Iraq War movement “Has said that living in Castro’s island prison made her feel “like [she] died and went to heaven.” “PDA would work with United for Peace and Justice to flood congressional offices with telephone calls during the week following Memorial Day 2005″ Just like we as a nation can no longer ignore the threat of the terrorists, we cannot ignore those groups and people within America who hide behind the !st Amendment as they do all they can to tear down our nation. They are also showing the terrorists how to work within our legal system and government to do the same thing. Just because they won the election doesn’t mean we have to allow the nation’s welfare to be compromised. We must write letters, emails, whatever to our Representatives. Write to the President, the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We must start becoming more active on our blogs too. If Code Pink can assemble millions of dollars and thousands of people in a matter of days using the Internet and a blog, them why can we? This is pour country. People talk about the president “rolling over” to these people. Well what else can he do if AMERICANS DO NOT SHOW HIM THEY SUPPORT HIM. This is not a Democrat versus Republican issue as many would like for us to think. This is a movement within the Democratic party that has thus far succeeded in compromising all that party stood for as they weaved their tentacles throughout the party. The final squeeze came when they got the jump on the 502’s because they knew that loophole existed while they pushed for the campaign finance law change to be approved. If something isn’t done soon all our soldiers will have been let down by us all. We will have failed to perform our duty at home on our watch.

~ by devildog6771 on November 10, 2006.


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  1. I refuse to dishonor our troops in any way,my youngest son gave his life in this war for what he believed,and my nephew served in Iraq for 5 terms, now he is home now for keeps.I honor him and my youngest son.It makes cry,just to think of how many of our brave men and women, who gave up their lives, for a war that seems endless.When will it ever end?

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