Let’s try this again, “The Enemy Within!”


I spent quite a while working on this post which I originally posted on 12/10/05. I think the information has a direct relationship to the present issues of the failure of the “Patriot Act” and other events such as Mr. Rumsfeld having to consider major, serious cuts because of lack of Congressional Support. I can only assume if it again draws no comments it is poorly written or too much of something. I may be paranoid, but I believe every word I have written.! Read on:

“Over at MyDD Jonathan Singer wrote a post called, “How Republicans Treat Vets, How Democrats Treat Vets.” I disagree with Mr. Singer’s views that the GOP and Rep. Schmidt showed no regard for our troops. He felt the Republicans ought to have provided more factual information to support the war. However, what can the GOP tell us we don’t already know. The terrorists have declared war on us. They say every chance they get that they will destroy us and our way of life. They will make Iraq their staging area after we pull out of Iraq. There were ties between Osama and Saddam. Saddam did have WMDs and we were told that. But now the Democrats keep saying Bush lied! Though not reported as enthusiastically as the negative news we hear every day, the “9/11 Commission” mentions the many meetings between al Qaeda and Saddam. Page 134 of the 9/11 Commission reports Richard Clarke’s own fears in this regard. But Clarke continues to blame Bush. Maybe he has ulterior motives! Clinton himself made the first connections to al Qaeda.:

“In fact, during President Clinton’s eight years in office, there
were at least two official pronouncements of an alarming alliance
between Baghdad and al Qaeda. One came from William S. Cohen, Mr.
Clinton’s defense secretary. He cited an al Qaeda-Baghdad link to
justify the bombing of a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan.”

“I read Democratic Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania’s shocking comments about our need to withdraw from Iraq. I also read about the subsequent vote generated by the Republicans and Rep. Schmidt’s comments about a call from a deployed Marine. I clearly understood that neither the Republicans nor Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) were saying anything bad about Democratic Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania. What she did do was put before Congress the opinion of one of her constituents. The GOP did the same thing, considered their constituents, when they called for immediate removal of our troops from Iraq.

Remember us voters? We put you guys in Congress. Maybe we made a mistake? The Republicans knew the Democrats were posturing for the up coming elections. They also knew that no sane person would call for our troops to leave Iraq. Their bill wasn’t frivolous. It was designed to put the matter to a vote once and for all and to allow Congress to be able to “move on [couldn’t resist this pun].”

But the Democratic policy for 25 years is what led to the events of 9/11. Read what David Horowitz wrote. Here is an excerpt:

“The Democrats’ Anti-Intelligence BillThe Democrats’ cavalier attitude towards American security in the years preceding September 11 was dramatized in a bill to cut the intelligence budget sight unseen, which was introduced every year of the Clinton Administration by Independent Bernie Sanders. The fact that Sanders was an extreme leftist proved no problem for the Democrats—still enjoying their long-standing congressional majority—when they appointed him to a seat on the House intelligence committee. Indeed why should it be a problem? Shortly before the World Trade Center attack, Senate Democrats made another leftist, California Senator Barbara Boxer, an opponent of the war against Saddam Hussein and a long-time critic of the American military, the chair of the Senate Sub-committee on Terrorism.

The Sanders initiative was launched in 1993, after the first al-Qaeda attack on the World Trade Center. In that year, the Democrat-controlled House Intelligence Committee had voted to reduce President Clinton’s own authorization request for the intelligence agencies by 6.75%. But this was insufficient for Sanders. So he introduced an amendment that required a minimum reduction in financial authorization for each individual intelligence agency of at least 10%.

Sanders refused to even examine the intelligence budget he proposed to cut: “My job is not to go through the intelligence budget. I have not even looked at it.” According to Sanders the reasons for reducing the intelligence budget were that “the Soviet Union no longer exists,” and that “massive unemployment, that low wages, that homelessness, that hungry children, that the collapse of our educational system is perhaps an equally strong danger to this Nation, or may be a stronger danger for our national security.”

That wasn’t enough damage to our security, Clinton allowed China to become the second largest super power:

“In 1997, Clinton allowed China to take over the Panama Canal. The Chinese company Hutchison Whampoa leased the ports of Cristobal and Balboa, on the east and west openings of the canal respectively, thus controlling access both ways. A public outcry stopped Clinton in 1998 from leasing California’s Long Beach Naval Yard to the Chinese firm COSCO. Even so, China can now strike U.S. targets easily from their bases in Panama, Vancouver and the Bahamas.How did China catch up so fast? Easy. We sold them all the technology they needed – or handed it over for free. Neither neglect nor carelessness are to blame. Bill Clinton did it on purpose.

As a globalist, Clinton promotes “multipolarity”– the doctrine that no country (such as the USA) should be allowed to gain decisive advantage over others.

To this end, Clinton appointed anti-nuclear activist Hazel O’Leary to head the Department of Energy. O’Leary set to work “leveling the playing field,” as she put it, by giving away our nuclear secrets. She declassified 11 million pages of data on U.S. nuclear weapons and loosened up security at weapons labs.

Federal investigators later concluded that China made off with the “crown jewels” of our nuclear weapons research under Clinton’s open-door policy – probably including design specifications for suitcase nukes.

Meanwhile, Clinton and his corporate cronies raked in millions.” The Clinton administration also dropped the ball in preventing 9/11:

“And CAPPS worked brilliantly on 9/11 — picking out 11 of the 19 hijackers for special scrutiny as possible terrorists. But…

Gore’s work was entirely based on the belief that nobody would commit suicide while hijacking a plane. So the only purpose of CAPPS was to assure that these passengers boarded the airplane with their checked baggage — since the feds assumed that the checked bags couldn’t have a bomb in if the terrorist was on the plane himself.”

The Democratic Party is in trouble. It is struggling for its very survival. But it is looking down the wrong path for a fix! It needs to look closer to home. Check out its own closets. Wash its own dirty lenin [another pun]! The best description of what is happening to the Democratic Party was written by Vaclav Havel, the 66-year-old former Czech president. He said,

“The first targets of Havel’s considerable wrath and sarcasm were the poor fools making “halfhearted” efforts at creating “Socialism with a human face.” One of his first essays, 1965’s “On Evasive Thinking” (collected in the English-language volume Open Letters) makes cruel sport of a newspaper essayist who — not unlike his modern American counterparts — attempted to assess and then dismiss the broader significance of a temporal tragedy, in this case, a building ledge falling and killing a passerby. “The public,” Havel wrote, “again showed more intelligence and humanity than the writer, for it had understood that the so-called prospects of mankind are nothing but an empty platitude if they distract us from our particular worry about who might be killed by [another] window ledge, and what will happen should it fall on a group of nursery-school children out for a walk.””

He also said in an open letter to his dictator, Gustav Husak,

“So far,” Havel scolded Husak, “you and your government have chosen the easy way out for yourselves, and the most dangerous road for society: the path of inner decay for the sake of outward appearances; of deadening life for the sake of increasing uniformity; of deepening the spiritual and moral crisis of our society, and ceaselessly degrading human dignity, for the puny sake of protecting your own power.”

This all sounds very familiar to me. The Democratic Party has much to work on if it wants to regain its identity. However, right now it appears to be so far removed from what is really going on within its own house, I fear the Party may never recover. One of the biggest threats to the Party is George Soros. Soros had Tom Delay removed. He organized a 527 network of non-profit activists groups or political committees to promote Democratic Party agendas. Soros, Hillary Clinton and Harold Ickes founded the “Shadow Party” with its “Seven Sisters” to:

“Through these Seven Sisters, Soros and his team convey money, information and marching orders down the line to a much larger network encompassing radical public employee unions, leftwing foundations and street-level activist groups. The network has emerged as a veritable shadow government, wielding the power to make or break politicians at the highest level. The sudden convergence of Soros-sponsored “public interest” groups in the attack on DeLay smacks of coordination. It suggests that Soros has focused the full might of his Shadow Party on an effort to discredit Tom DeLay and force his resignation as House Majority Leader.” Take a look at the four main financial contributors of the “Shadow Party:”

“Top Four Shadow Party Contributions to Democrat 527sContributors (August 2000 – August 2004)

*George and Susan W. Soros $24,170,000.00

*Peter B. Lewis $23,147,220.00

*Stephen L. Bing $15,382,555.00

*Jane Fonda $13,085,750.00

Courtesy The Center for Public Integrity”
[*my links]

One of the “Seven Sisters, MoveOn.org said after the last Presidential race, “Now it’s our party. We bought it, we own it.” A rather arrogant claim in my opinion. But this clearly reflects what is happening to the Democratic Party. It was bad enough they had Al-Jazeera at their convention. Then 12 party members asked the United Nations to monitor our last election. Now the party is allowing these radical elements to take over their party.

There are two other questionable Democratic Party alliances. Its alliance with two well known and respected[?] organizations, the NEA and the NAACP. But are they what they seem?

“The NAACP today functions as nothing more than a leftwing auxiliary of the Democratic Party. Its Foundation in 2000 ran a notorious political TV ad showing a chain being dragged behind a pickup truck that said George W. Bush, as Texas Governor, had not signed “hate crimes” legislation to punish the racists who murdered a black man by dragging him behind their truck. These convicted killers, the NAACP ad neglected to mention, had already received the maximum penalty permitted under Texas law – and that this “hate crimes” legislation therefore could have added nothing to their punishment. The ad was leftwing agitprop of the sort used by Stalin and Hitler, an utterly dishonest, deceitful emotional appeal to frighten, anger and activate voters.”

“The NEA has not been modest about imposing on students its own left-eyed values agenda, which ironically promotes the teaching of Darwinian evolution in the classroom while discouraging competition and scorekeeping on the playground. NEA promotes the discounting of religion (except for Wiccan paganism and Islam); sex education and social equality for homosexuals; and science but also unscientific environmental extremism. NEA also promotes multiculturalism that praises every minority while teaching that white America has always been a racist, sexist, homophobic, imperialistic land unworthy of respect, much less patriotism.” I never heard of any of this before. Shamefully, I should have!

Surprisingly, this administration has done much to help the blacks. But as the above referenced articles indicate, the Democrats, the NAACP, and NEA have not only hurt Blacks but all America’s children in the end.


On March 12, 2003, the ACORN-controlled City Council passed a resolution, by a 31-17 margin, condemning the invasion of Iraq. Thanks to a virtual press blackout on the resolution, most New Yorkers today are unaware that their City Council ever passed such a measure. In the 2004 election cycle, ACORN and its sister group Project Vote ran a nationwide voter mobilization drive for George Soros’ Shadow Party. The drive was marred by numerous allegations of fraudulent voter registration, vote-rigging, voter intimidation, and vote-for-pay scams.

ACORN drew national attention during the 2004 election campaign, when its get-out-the-vote activists turned up at the center of numerous reports of voter fraud, especially in the swing states of Ohio, Colorado, Missouri Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Minnesota.

What about in Congress? Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is the new minority leader in the House of Representatives. Nancy serves on the executive committee of the socialist-leaning Progressive Caucus. “Until 1999, the website of the Progressive Caucus was hosted by the Democratic Socialists of America. An article by a reporter led to the DSA redesigning their website. Following that expose of the link between the two organizations in WorldNetDaily, the Progressive Caucus established its own website under the auspices of Congress. Another officer of the Progressive Caucus, and one of its guiding lights, is avowed socialist Rep. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent.”

I could go on and on in my discussion of the Democratic party and its decline and the efforts of those behind this decline to show what is really behind all the efforts to dis-credit the Republican Party and its administration policies. But that would only cause readers to get lost in the mire. The information is out there. I haven’t even shown the correlation to the “peace movements” or the support given to our enemy. This is all about much more than treatment of our troops. But I think that for the purposes of this discussion it’s time to end it here. I have done my best to provide what I consider a good resource base. I am not anti-Democratic party in the sense of what the party used to be. I no longer affiliate myself solely to one party. I vote for whoever I feel will do what is best for the country. Sadly in my opinion right now, there is only one “party” in America. Then there is the “enemy from within” that wants to destroy our way of life!”

Now the Patriot Act has failed to pass. Here are several good blogs with great posts that may not be directly related to my post and its specific theme but certainly they are related to the overall picture and problems we face in this country today as our troops and our President try to defend our nation:
bRight Early
Froggy Ruminations
Basil’s Blog

[edited to add additional links at the bottom and opening remarks]

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