Navy Seals Kill Osama bin Laden

A still of 2004 Osama bin Laden video

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About 10:30 p.m. East Coast time, local radio stations announced they were waiting for President Obama to speak to the nation. As we waited for Obama to make an appearance, speculation was rampant. Presidents don’t make Sunday public addresses. Among the theories put forth about the possible reason for this address was the possibility that Osama bin Laden was caught or killed.

In the forty-five minutes before Obama came on-line, reports started leaking out at home and abroad that bin Laden was killed last week and that DNA had been conducted and compared to bin Laden family members to make accurate  identification of bin Laden’s body.

What is puzzling to me is Obama said in his broadcast he was told where bin Laden was hiding last week. Obama then said he gave permission “TODAY” for a go ahead after verifying facts and details. He went on to say that bin Laden was killed today in that attack. No predator missiles were used in the attack at a very well protected, secure compound in Abbottabod, Pakistan.

I am glad bin Laden is no longer a threat. In a way I feel a sense of justice for 9/11/01 and my nephew’s death in Kuwait  3f/5/04. I am proud of the efforts of our troops and our intelligence people for their vigilant efforts and their sacrifices. God Bless our troops and our intelligence teams.

Subsequent reports indicate bin Laden was buried at sea??


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3 Responses to “Navy Seals Kill Osama bin Laden”

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  2. The Maj. Reich was a true hero of the highest caliber as are all the Nightstalkers. I salute them. I also salute those Navy Seals who apprehended bin Laden. Theirs was a precise extraction filled with more danger than any of us can imagine. All of our troops are doing such a tremendous job. We owe so much to these brave men and women and their families.

    Please know that none of those lost have been forgotten. My nephew died in Kuwait March 5, 2004. His mother, my sister, never recovered from the loss of her only child. She passed away last February from brain cancer. In all honesty,she was lost to us after her son died. My mother goes to the cemetery every day.

    The loss of a child simply cannot be measured. I will pray for your Maj. Reich’s family when I pray for my Mom that one day they will start to feel some sense of peace and closure.

    Thank you for your comments.

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