Frank W. Buckles, February 1, 1901 to February 27, 2011- America loses her last “Great War” soldier!

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Frank W. Buckles passed away February 27, 2011 at the age of 110. Born in Bethany, Missouri, February 1, 1901, Frank was the last surviving service member from WWI, “the Great War.”  Frank spent his later life helping to honor his fellow WWI soldiers and their sacrifices.
Though his health was often bad and his hearing not so good, he remained as active as possible until his recent death. His stories and views on the war and past events were shared with acute awareness, a sharp wit, and deep affection with the thousands who have besieged him for visits, interviews, and requests for his attendance at events honoring him and his fellow WWI veterans. Frank will be remembered for his service  all he did to honor his fellow WWI soldiers.

Sadly Frank wasn’t able to lie in state in the Rotunda as he makes his final journey. But from all I have read since his death, I think he would have felt honored to lie close to the “Unknown” soldier! Enlisting at sixteen, Frank couldn’t wait to serve. Though his war experiences didn’t include the “Western Front” he tried so hard to reach, he served proudly. “I was a snappy soldier,” he said. “All gung-ho.”.  During WWII Frank was a civilian “prisoner of War for “three [3] years.

Frank will be buried today with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. Once again he will join his fellow WWI buddies. May his final journey bring him peace and the companionship of his comrades in arms. May he take with him our profound love, respect, and gratitude.

Semper Fi, Frank!

For Faithfull Service from a Greatful Nation!


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