“The People Promoting Seizure of Your 401K”

I am always looking for new blogs that are not only well written; but, offer well researched articles about the onslaught of progressive efforts to destroy our nation and our individual freedoms. Logistics Monster is one of my latest finds. Monster has written a post called “The People Promoting Seizure of Your 401K”.

I won’t try to give a synopsis. The article is  long due to the topic and the supporting information. I could not do justice to Monster’s hard work. But I suggest that this is a post we all should read. Then, let your friends know about Monster’s blog and this post. While you are on his site check out his other posts.

We need to keep up constant vigilance  and oversight to hold Congress and the President accountable. They need to know we will not “go quietly into the night” with our tails tucked between our legs as both attempt to “Nudge” us into supporting their destructive and unconstitutional legislation.

So, go read “The People Promoting Seizure of Your 401K” and see exactly who is behind this latest effort to take yet another chunk of our income for their socialist/Marxist agenda while they bankrupt us and our nation!


~ by devildog6771 on October 21, 2010.

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