Politics take precedence over war effort and troop safety. Will Obama make this his “Vietnam?”

Cass Sunstein

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Just browsing the Internet yesterday for another post on a new blog I just built I noticed a trend developing. There were many stories about American troops in Afghanistan indiscriminately killing Afghan civilians. What I found particularly interesting was then language used by several of the soldiers who were questioned. Racism and class distinction repeatedly used. One of the leading articles appeared in “Workers World!” On a local network Obama was quoted as saying he refused to let Afghanistan become “his” Vietnam. He refused to stay in an unpopular war the way Johnson did during his administration!

Well now we have it. Obama can’t get out of the war any other way without offending or causing public outrage. So straight out of Saul Alynsky’s “play book, “Rules for Radicals,” Obama has laid the ground work for stirring up popular opposition to the war without having to do a single thing himself politically to lay blame at him or his administration.But, he is also using another technique.  This technique  is called the “nudge”  which is right from the playbook of one of Obama’s leading advisors, Cass Sustein. The “nudge” is a book written which explains how one indirectly persuades or “nudges” the public or people to take a course of action which  they normally would never consider or commit to themselves.

Glenn Beck, 9.14.2010: “Nudge”, Progressives, & Cass Sunstein

Written on September 14, 2010 by LogisticsMonster in Beck, CRIME INC., New World Orde

Once we know that people are human and have some Homer Simpson in them, then there’s a lot that can be done to manipulate them. – Progressive Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein (husband of Samantha Power; yes, that chick.)

Glenn is having a James Burke moment today as he sketches out the time line and events between “Fries” and “Riots”. He highlights news of the days including Mishy’s “nudging” of menus in a speech to the National Restaurant Association, the new anti-beef/McDonald’s commercial, the FDA coming after over-the-counter cold medicine, and how Cass Sunstein’s 2008 book, “Nudge” is being used as a game plan to drive the herd. Today, TheBlaze.com has a three part story about our favorite fascist, (right behind Nancy Pelosi), Cass Sunstein. He also covers Sunstein’s co-author, Richard Thayler and his connection to British PM Cameron.  (Check out the related links after the post.)

Monster gives credit to: (H/T TheFoundingPatriots) .

As one who watches Glenn Beck’s program regularly, I am impressed by Beck’s research and sources. He has always made sure that he has adequate supporting information for his topics. Unlike his opponents, he carries his search for truth a step further, he regularly invites the “opposition” on his show and offer their opposing views, information, sources, whatever. Rarely do they appear. However, on occasion, Al Sharpton and a few others will appear on Glen’s show. Unlike other hosts, Glenn allows those of differing opinion or beliefs to freely speak their views. Still, Glenn is a frequent target of the “progressives.” Free speech and truth are not a valued commodity of the progressives in the Congress and the White House.

I was not at all surprised when I read  further down in the post these remarks:

The Monster has had numerous interesting visitors today including the Soros Fund Mgmt, the FBI and these guys.

So what does all this have to do with my original topic, the War in Afghanistan/ It is no secret to anyone in the country that progressives consider the war unjust and rampant with racism. They have repeatedly stated that only the lower “class” in America are being sent to war to die instead of the upper “classes.” Obviously progressives missed all the statistics and news stories proclaiming our present military as more educated than mainstream non=military, Americans. That would show that our military men and women “serving and protecting” our nation are anything but the lower crust of American society with regard to education and economic status except for “being the victims” of Bernie Sanders’ “magic pen” every time the bills on defense spending passes across his desk!

Are any of our troops killing innocent civilians. I would be stupid or naïve to believe there was no truth here. In every war there are a minute number of soldiers, [by that I mean a handful of the total military ranks] who do commit terrible deeds. At times, the reporting of such events doesn’t come forward immediately. There are many reasons for delayed reporting, from personal interest to obvious issues of mission security, and troop safety. These few men and women do not show the dedication to duty, honor, and self-respect ingrained in the majority of our troops that prohibits them from committing such atrocities.

When warfare is fought as it is in the present day, repercussions from the actions of those extreme few can have a devastating effect both on the war effort and as a tool for the enemy. We are fighting a radical ideology supported by terrorist actions. which are of paramount importance as a weapon of choice by this enemy. What troubles me as much as the actions of these few are those of the Congress and the White House. By publically saying that we need to hurry up and get out of Afghanistan we tell the enemy that all they have to do is wait out the Americans because they never
“follow through” when the fighting gets tough.In turn those Afghans we are trying to help are put in the precarious position of choosing to support our efforts to help them or to support the enemy because once we are gone, the enemy will rear up its ugly head!

While the American troop deaths are a source of great personal pain to me, I too have lost a loved one due to the war effort, I feel it would be a dishonor to the memory of those lost to make their sacrifices meaningless! While the war has gone on longer than the combined length of WWI and WWII, none can begin to claim the loss of troops lives are in any way comparable to the tolls of those two wars separately much less in combination of total lives lost. I would even feel justified in saying the loss of civilian lives would follow a like pattern. But, don’t construe my comments here as a callous belittlement of the impact to loved ones of past or present civilian and troop deaths!

Word of warning to progressives, we are on to your game plan! We won’t allow you to create a situation where again we pull out of an armed conflict without seeing it through to a specific goal or out come!! This type of flagrant and cowardly disregard for those military and civilian lives lost before a true resolution to major conflict have led to one continuous state of unresolved war since WWI. How much longer must nations and the world suffer this intolerable state of affairs?

Mr. Obama, be a true leader. Allow this conflict to follow through to a resolution that leads to some semblance of resolving issues and ends decades of a world at war and leads to real world of peace which respects the rights and freedom of all men and women world-wide. We don’t want socialism, communism, or Marxism. We don’t want one huge government controlled by mega corporations and financial institutions. We don’t want a George Soros, or any other rich billionaire telling us what kind of world and what kind of nation we “ought” to have. We want to use our own intellect, perseverance, and, yes, failures. We want to be self-determined and free. We want to feel the exhilaration of over coming our failures. We want to see the fruit of our labors. We don’t want redistribution or any of those other trappings which strip away our dignity and individuality! We are people not sheep.

Cass Sunstein and all those other radicals you surround yourself with live in vacuums of “utopias” created in the depths of their own minds. They are free to live as they please. Maybe it is time they stop reflecting their own personal intellectual ideology on others and start allowing people to live in the real world instead of their own world of unreality and unattainable failed utopian intellectual theory. Maybe instead of telling everyone else in the world how to live their lives these intellectual vacuums ought to “get a life!”

Prosecute those renegade troops, those killers, to the fullest extent of the law. Then let the rest of our troops do their jobs. Let them rid the insurgency from Afghanistan. I see little difference between the enemy in Afghanistan and our own “enemy within!” Both use fear, intimidation, and violence to force their will on others. Both are minorities willing to use force, manipulation, terror and any other means in their sociopathic need to control others.

I have added some links below of my own choice. Some are for and some are against my post. Read them all.  BY the way, look and see if you pick up on the “nudge!” My thanks to a great post over at LogisticsMonster.


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