Progressives and Party Politics are Destroying our Country and only the “Tea Party” seems to be listening!!

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The Congress just doesn’t seem to get it! Boehner seems to have some clue. But, the Democrats aren’t listening to the people and the Republicans aren’t doing any better.

First, “all” progressives need to be voted out of office. The Democrats need to purge the party of all the progressives/socialists/communists/Marxists who managed to extort themselves into power in the Democratic Party  using the loophole in the new campaign finance law. Frankly some of these people deserve to be charged with treason. They took oaths to serve, protect, and defend our Constitution. It is obvious to anyone who listens to them and watches what they are doing in office they only want to collapse our government and start a new “socialist” state to replace the old “USSR.” Do the research!

Republicans are pretty much watching the drama. Within their own party, they too have a socialist element, but  on a much smaller scale. Their real problem is that they aren’t listening to the “people.” They are only listening to those special interest groups who filled their coffers with money.

Smarten up Republicans! The Democratic Party and it will take them a while to clean up the party. But, there are still those people who practice blind allegiance. Meanwhile the Republican party  responsibility to make a difference and help us get out of the mess the “fake” Americans are driving toward. What have they done, turn a deaf ear.

Both parties better be own alert. The Tea Party ought to tell both parties that “we the people” are more and more swearing off party affiliation. We will be heard. We insist our elected officials represent us, “the people,” or we will simply “VOTE YOU OUT OF OFFICE!”


The Republican party has an obligation to revamp the party’s core goals and agenda. They are obsolete. Listen to the people you were elected to represent. remember, with the Democratic party taken over by the progressive/socialist/communist/Marxist minority, you are in a position of obligation to do the right thing. Readjust your goals. Put the country and people first. DO THE RIGHT THING!

Another thing, it is time the public became less caught up in labels, too. Conservative, liberal, libertarian, dada,dada,dada,dada!!! I stopped that game a long time ago when I realized the amount of power I was giving to something or someone else, blindly!!

Our first concern ought to be protecting the integrity of the Constitution. In doing that the rest will fall in place. If the Republicans are AFRAID THEY WILL LOSE THEIR CHANCE TO GAIN CONTROL IN CONGRESS, THEN MAYBE THEY OUGHT TO PAY ATTENTION to what people in the TEA PARTY are saying, “PARTY ALLEGIANCE DOES NOT SUPERCEDE  THE WILL AND NEED OF THE PEOPLE!!! We don’t care party politics!!!


~ by devildog6771 on September 14, 2010.

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