Dear Congress; Here is What We Want in America

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Dear Congress;

We want our elected representatives in both sides of Congress to obey the Constitution and do the jobs we elected them to do.

Stop all those no good buy outs. Stop rewarding bad corporate leadership. Lower taxes for everyone. No more huge government programs which little by little take away our sovereign state rights and individual rights.

I want the right to own personal property. I ant the right to bear arms and FREE SPEECH. I want the right to work and earn everything I have in life. I want the right to seek an education and make something of myself. I want the right to feel self accomplishment. I want the right to fail and pick myself up by the “boot straps” and go on using what I learned from my failure. I want to tell my kids what to eat, what to wear, how to behave, discipline them when needed, and otherwise do my job as a parent. I want to save and buy my home and vehicle. In a nut shell, I want the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness promised and guaranteed by my forefathers.

I don’t want progressivism, socialism, communism, or Marxism. I would go live in one of those failed nations who have already ruined their country with these failed concepts of government. I don’t want a large Federal Government controlling every aspect of my life. I want my state to have those states rights guaranteed in the Constitution as written by our forefathers. I want to have our elected officials in Congress selected by the state governments so they will once again be representatives of our state instead of being controlled by those powerful people and corporations who have bought most of them.

WE want jobs, lower taxes, control over our borders, lower health care, and the right to choose our health care plans. We want elected officials who work on our nation’s issues and do so without constantly trying failed concepts and programs from across the ocean. We want our debt to be slowly paid down not added to as the present administration constantly does without regard to consequences. In other words, we want the President and his cronies to stop trying to collapse our government so they can carry out their failed ideologies.

We want America back! “We the People” have only just begun to fight back. If our demands continue to be ignored, we will fight back at the poles in a way not seen in modern times or any other. We will be free! We will have our Constitution restored and enforced, and respected. We will take back America with or without your support. You choose!

With all the respect you all deserve,

an American Citizen


~ by devildog6771 on September 14, 2010.

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