Park51 – A “Trojan Horse?”

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On September 11, 2001, four (4) commercial jet liners were hijacked by  al-Qaeda suicide squads. Two (2) planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, which later collapsed within two hours. One (1) plane crashed into the Pentagon. The fourth (4th) crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania after the passengers prevented the hijackers from their intended goal, the White house (?). In all, nineteen hijackers and 3,000 people, mostly civilians, and many police officers and firemen died that day. The dead were from 70 countries. So, in effect, 70 nations were attacked that horrible day.

The Pentagon has since been repaired and a memorial built to honor those who died that day. The memorial in Shanksville is underway with completion scheduled some time next year. The memorial being at New York has met many set backs and has caused much outcry from the family and friends of those killed in New York the day. Now a new source of frustration and anger has been arisen in New York. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf wants to build Park51, a Muslim community center which will act as a “nonsectarian community, cultural and interfaith spiritual center along with a Muslim prayer area with a Mosque to accommodate “1,000-2,000″Muslims in prayer,  and a monument to honor those we lost on 9/11.

Imam Rauf cannot understand the public uproar over his proposed center. It also appears other people all over the world seem to share his sentiments. Of course Muslims are among the most outspoken of those voicing their concerns over the backlash that is beginning to grow every day. Many Muslims see the backlash as a prejudicial reaction to Muslims. Personally, I don’t know Imam Feisal’s true intent; but, he can’t possibly be so nieve about the reasons for the public backlash over Park51. This man is highly educated. He is worldly. He has been active in the community for some time.

Let me help you understand Imam Feisal! Were situations reversed and this whole scenario taking place in a Muslim nation, would you still be saddened and perplexed. I don’t think so! You know as well as I that a “Christian” building, monument, or any other Christian oriented project would never be allowed anywhere near a Muslim “holy area!” Not only would it not happen, any Christian church or activity would be restricted or forbidden. Those not forbidden would be under constant scrutiny for any perceived infringement of “Islāmic” customs.

Except for Qatar, most Muslim nations forbid or severely restrict Christian practices.

There is another aspect to the proposed Park51 site that seems more probable to me. Muslim extremists all over the world look at Park51 as a permanent monument to the sacrifices of those nineteen (19( hijackers who crashed into the Twin Towers. If not already in the works, soon the center would be used by Muslim extremist as a money laundering site, place to store weaponry, and/or training facility to recruit and train future extremists like the Mosques and centers all across America. Hiding behind our laws protecting Churches, you and I along with Americans all over our nation know this is true.

So, you explain to me and other Americans Imam Rauf,, why can’t you understand the backlash over Park51? Either you are very nieve, very clever, or being used! A Mosque with 1000-2,000 Muslims in prayer so close to the site of the destroyed Twin Towers is not only inconsiderate; but, it is also stupid! While your proposal is not illegal, it is certainly ill-advised. Every time a loved one would go to pay respects to the one they lost, they would be forced to deal with their grief and the site of a Mosque full of Muslims. My own reaction would be one of apprehension and fear that within that group of 1,000-2,000 in prayer there would be more terrorists just waiting for the right moment to do another act of terror and violence! Would their fears and reactions really be any different were they Muslims in their country and a similar situation occurring?

This is not about Muslim bashing. This is about trauma. Many of those people affected the rest of their lives from the events of 9/11. The Imam’s says he intends to push back against extremism; but , often one must accept that though intentions are honorable, the result would be anything but the original intent! In this case, Park51 would only serve as a reminder of all that was lost on 9/11 and who caused that loss!

Many, myself included, would only see a “Trojan Horse!” Maybe this image might help you see part of the problem. Islams 100year plan for the World!.


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