Iraqi War Veteran struck and killed by Amtrak Passenger train

Sometime ago I added some poems here in a post that were written by a young friend of the family while he was stationed in Mosul, Iraq. While, G.R.(pseudonym) aka “Joe Bang Bang” was in Iraq, his was contacted about his mother’s impending death due to cancer. While he waited for his last flight connection to bring him home, his mother died.G.R. then returned to Iraq. Later he was discharged from the Army and returned home. I t was very obvious that G.R. was deeply affected by his Mosul tour.  But he went through the local “VA Hospital,” for help.

September 4, 2010, G.R. died when he was struck by an Amtrak passenger train as he walked the tracks listening to his headphones. He was 24 years old. Once he was identified, his friends and family gathered at his home where they paid his Dad and family respects and shared their grief with one another.

G.R. was a good friend to many, a loving son, and brother, and, in my book a hero.

I pray he is at peace at his mother’s side with God. May his contributions and sacrifices to his country not go unnoticed or forgotten.

Please feel free to offer any condolences you might wish to offer to his family.

Here are his poems once again:

so i stand before myself once more
soul torn from my flesh
lying dead in the floor
my mangled form struggling to hold on to what i’ve lost
my life is an empty grave
the streets we walk are paved in politics
it’s almost enough to make me sick
force feeding these people the american dream
only to make our ideals seem more appealing to them
but all in vain
they aren’t willing to fight for something they didn’t ask for
and like me are being whored out to fight for something they don’t want
here we stand apart from men
we the ones who fight and die
christening the battlefield
with the blood of our enemies
we shall beg not for forgiveness
but only hope that we should live
to bring the fight to them
we have found righteousness in our sins
and will fight until we die
for this is the nature of men who long for peace
we have found our peace behind us
so we drive on embracing death
clinging tenaciously to our humanity
for without it we would become what we hate
alas in the end we will stand before the ashes of our enemies
and mourn them
for there will be no one else to fight

the blankness of these pages frightens me
milky white and un touched
like a virgin
pure and afraid
willing to take all that i have to offer as long as i make the first move
to commit, a slow stoke of the pen
drug softly against a thin blue line
as soft curves meet smooth lines
forever changed by my hand
the story of my world will unfold before you
all at the tips of your fingers
thanks to the tip of my pen

You will be missed, G.R. God speed! Rest in Peace!!


~ by devildog6771 on September 6, 2010.

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