The “Messenger of Death” doesn’t speak alone!!

Ahmadinejad Says Iran Is Ready For Talks With ...

Image by USb_cABLE via Flickr

Ahmadinejad has a new missile which he has appropriately called the “Messenger of Death.” There should be no surprise here for any intelligent human being. Ahmadinejad has never attempted to hide his agenda. He may have voiced a token denial to the U.N. Inspectors and world leaders. But, always, one must remember not to listen to what he says, rather what he does not say! I say Israel isn’t the only nation who needs to be on alert to his true intentions.    Ahmadinejad is a nut case with a cause. His goal is to spread Islam throughout the world and establish a “new “caliphate.”

I think the controversy over the New mosque in New York near “Ground Zero” is also a part of this Islāmic march to take over the world. It is meant to be just what it is, an insult to the memory of the “infidels” who died that fateful day, their families, and all Americans at large. I heard a news commentator talk about the new mosque today with a “moderate” Muslim. What he said pretty much agreed with my opinions. I want to take the discussion a step further and say I do not believe any real Muslim believer seeks any other goal for earth and humanity.

Presently in the U.S., the Islamics and the left have become allies of a sort. Their co-operation with each other is based on the principal, “the enemy of my enemy is my “friend!” Were they successful in collapsing America, both feel their individual goals of creating a new world order in their own ideological  image. Wonder if either side has thought far enough into the future about their “own” inescapable battle for world dominance! Neither is compatible with each other.

Every day more and more people are beginning to speak out about the insult of building a Mosque next to the “sacred memorial” to those lives taken on 9/11. It isn’t hard to see the real Islamic purpose behind the Mosque. It is a subtle approach to build a memorial to those who took down the “Towers” on 9/11. The idea that a mosque was being built to honor those who died 9/11 and celebrate American Muslims is a joke!  At a time when we need a reminder of that fateful day, we now have it.

How long will it be before the nation starts to question the Muslim in the White House and the Socialists,Communists,Marxists radicals who are running our government. When will we wake up and vote them out of office. Both are after the same goal, the destruction of America, its society, its Constitution, and all it stands for. When will the Democratic party clean house? When will Republicans start to rebuild a platform to meet American needs and push out the elected officials who took oaths to “serve and protect” America; but, are instead, set on a path to destroy this nation and our Constitution? Instead of fighting just to regain power, why aren’t they fighting to regain America?

I say, get rid of them all, the “red” Dems, the spineless Dems and Republicans, elect a whole new Congress. Push for set terms for both houses of Congress. Try for treason, those elected officials who ran in support of our Constitution  and actually hoped to destroy our country from within. If Americans, in the next election, allow these people to stay in power, then we have effectively been taken over in a “revolution” without a single shot being fired, without a single effort to fight back, without a single attempt to show what real Americans are made of!!

The “Messenger of Death” which  Ahmadinejad so proudly parades before the world will seem like a “Tonka toy” next to the message that will ring to all corners of the world if our “Republic” falls!!! Individual freedom will be but a faint memory to some and a silent dream to many. No one will dare to openly say, “God help me!”


~ by devildog6771 on August 23, 2010.

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