“Arizona’s New Immigration Law.” What’s all the fuss about?

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In a state overrun with ‘illegal aliens,” there are enormous problems faced by both the state and local law enforcement agencies and the legal state residents. Local health providers face an onslaught of patients who are not insured. Many undocumented, illegal aliens come to America to have children who are presently classified as “citizens.” The parents then have a means of trying to circumvent the normal immigration process to change their status to “legal” residents.” Normally illegal aliens are allowed to stay in the United States while their claims are being processed.  Welfare agencies and other local health and social services agencies are faced with an influx of people needing help. None of these people pay taxes into the systems which they bleed dry of funds paid by legal, tax paying citizens and aliens. Schools are crowded by an influx of children of these illegal aliens. Small businesses who hire only ‘legal” aliens and citizens can ‘t compete with those small business that will hire illegal aliens at lower salaries, without any benefits. Many small businesses are going under as a result of this. Rental properties:  houses, apartments, and trailers, are crowded with illegal aliens who often have several households of families living together in crowded conditions which violate health and occupancy laws. Drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, and other crimes are rampant. These aliens drive without valid driver licenses in improper or illegally registered vehicles that are often not properly inspected. Local law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed with repeated calls to homes for domestic violence and drug or alcohol related offenses. Traffic accidents and deaths related to drunken or drug affected illegal drivers overwork already taxed local law enforcement agencies. Economically, illegal aliens drain local and state funds. Why would any elected official at a local, state, or federal level want to stop Arizona, or any other state, from protecting those legal, tax paying residents and citizens from the severe  consequences  created by an onslaught of illegal or undocumented aliens? Why would these same elected officials try to enact legislation to prevent a state from exercising its right to enforce local, state, and federal laws. Why would any judge, at any level, strike down laws and legislation that allows a state or locality to protect its citizens and legal residents from the influx of illegal aliens who drain them economically in every area of  funds and services ? Votes! The “Socialist cancer” that has permeated the Democratic Party needs their votes. They are hoping and struggling desperately to have these illegal aliens declared legal residents who can then become citizens. If possible, this “cancer” will try to enact changes in our laws and Constitution, which allows these millions of illegal aliens to vote without being citizens. If successful, who do you think these people will vote for in local, state and federal elections? What could motivate any elected official to take such a course of action. How about the end of our Republic and way of life as we know it! How about the dissolution of our “Constitution”! How about the formation of a new” socialist state or nation to replace the old Soviet Union which failed because it obviously didn’t “get it right!?” SB-1070 has prompted other states, including my home state, Virginia, to consider like legislation. Of course rights’ groups across the country are in an uproar over the new Arizona legislation. The courts are now trying to alter or invalidate the Arizona law. I consider this to be an unusual move by the branch of our government that is empowered with protecting and preserving the, “OUR Constitution.” I also see this as “legislating” from the “bench,” a clear violation of “separation of powers” written into the “Constitution”! Don’t states have the right to protect their constituents? Do they not have the right to protect their local and state economy? Do they not have the right to exercise the “state’s rights” guaranteed in the “Constitution”? So tell me, what’s all the fuss about? If the Socialists permeated our Legislature, our Judiciary, our Presidency, and our United States succeed wealth distribution will have a greater chance of succeeding. Once laws like SB-1070 are struck down, the next step will be the socialist effort to grant rights, including voting to these illegal aliens though they are not entitled to them “presently.” All these people are entitled to is humane treatment until they can be deported after the Immigration Services does its job by following the current laws in effect. But, wait! That won’t happen. Haven’t INS offices been closed all over the country? In Virginia, the closest INS office is now in New York if I have my facts correct. But, I believe that too is a violation of Federal Law. As result of a suit involving my former husband from El Salvador, guidelines were set up to cover deportation hearings, record keeping of  illegal aliens’ files,etc. to provide due process to aliens while properly handling their disposition in hearings. Apparently with all the closings of INS offices throughout the country, illegal aliens are simply set free. Maybe the Feds can look into this as they attempt to get “‘their answers” about why a male illegal alien in the national media was never deported after his first “brush” with the law???!!! So, again I ask, “what’s all the fuss about SB-1070? If the Feds can’t or won’t obey the law, then don’t states have the right to pickup the gauntlet? I guess the Feds either don’t want to be embarrassed that they can’t do their jobs; or, they don’t want us to know their real intent, let all the illegals stay here and find a way to get their “votes”!! Personally, I see one more nail in the “coffin” for American “rights and freedoms”. I see one more potential ally for “distribution of wealth” in the socialist attempts to remake American their socialist image. One more question, when our elected legislators in Congress, our President, and our Judges took office, did they not all have to swear to support and defend the laws of the Constitution of the United States of America “so help me God”? Since their intent or goal once in office is to do away with our Constitution, and create a socialist state {nation[, aren’t these officials all guilty of  lying?  close to committing treason? or at least committing some other lessor offense that can pave a path for their impeachment? Thank God for the Tea Party and Glenn Beck!

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  1. Actually, I think time will show George Bush to be a highly under rated President. I liked him very much. I also voted for him. Granted, he did make mistakes. You only make mistakes if you are “trying to do something!”

  2. I bet you wish george bush was still president now

  3. ?Arizona?s New Immigration Law.? What?s all the fuss about?…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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