Just another “banana republic!?”

I haven’t felt much like blogging for a while. I had begun to feel like I was wasting my time, talking to the wind, out of touch with everything and everyone. I began to realize that what started out as a forum to show support to our troops had become entrenched in political clap trap from all sides. Much of my time seemed to be occupied with a desperate sense of trying to forestall the inevitable slide I felt all around me. Our nation, my country, was moving away from all I held and hold ear. All those principles I hold dear about rights, freedoms, the integrity of the Constitution, and all it stands for seemed to be on the verge of dissolving right before my very eyes.

I felt a consuming sense of helplessness to do or say anything that would make a difference no matter how hard I tried to stop this spiral. Then the elections came and went. My worst fears were realized. A man who in my eyes stood for all I abhorred was elected president. I just couldn’t believe that in America, the Democratic model for the world ever since its inception, Socialism and its predatory supporters realized their long sought goal, the White House and the very halls of Congress. I took a break. I needed it. My anger and sense of betrayal was all-consuming. All our fallen troops must be rolling over in their graves.  Those serving must wonder why they should continue to risk their lives to serve and protect on foreign soil while the nation they try so hard to defend simply gave away, no betrayed all those values and ideals we all as veterans hold dear  just goes to show that with enough money and a voter apathy that can be depended on anyone can buy their way into power and th White House in America.

I heard someone use the expression, “”banana republic ” this past week in reference to America. I wish I could say their unflattering remark was unjustified!


~ by devildog6771 on December 29, 2009.

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