GM wants a Bailout – There’s that word “fair playing field again!”

The Union Rep for GM “just wants a fair playing field” and a “bailout” for GM. He says if you love America, then buy American! But, if a bailout doesn’t happen, the company will go broke! Sounds great on the surface. Now what is he not saying?

For one thing he failed to mention that when the union contracts come up, the Union consistently asks for “everything” it can get unreasonable or otherwise! Unions across America have been doing this for years. I worked for a company that was the largest employer in the world at one time. We all knew we needed to have enough food stored in our homes to feed ourselves for at least a month every three years because there was a strike nearly every three years. On one occasion, the strike lasted a month and information to members was “blacked out!” It was blacked out because the only area of contention was forcing non-members to “pay dues” in a “right to work” state! In over 23 years, I never saw one penny of assistance from the strike fund, even when I had two small babies I was raising on my own. Neither did any of my co-workers! Guess what? Those Union officials were paid a salary for the duration of the strike!

Let’s talk about work. I came back to my hometown to live after living in D.C. for about 15 years. D.C. is not right to work. The first day I reported to work was the first day of a contract strike. I didn’t know what was going on. I was escorted into a back door for safety – mine! For the remainder of the time I worked in D.C., union members did everything they could to get me fired. The harassment stopped when my boss started secretly monitoring our workload. I did more work than the rest of my co-workers. He finally put a stop to the harassment. But, local people we worked with in the local company that was involved in our work continued harassment until one by one I found some common interest, usually non-work related, to side track them when they acted like jerks!

You were not allowed to do anything not specifically approved by the Union! You left your job, finished or not, at exactly 4:30. You didn’t dare work during your break. But, you did work your but off otherwise. Back home that aspect changed. Co-workers, especially union workers, constantly asked me to do less work; do my work slower; else all the workers would be expected to do as I did. In companies with Unions, right to work or not, I will concede that at times Unions have helped tremendously with fair wages and working conditions. But, in many areas, union are now doing more harm than good. Every aspect of your job is scrutinized by the union. It constantly files frivolous grievances that far out number legitimate ones in the constant “them against us” prevailing attitude ever present in the work place!

When one of our companies stayed out of work on strike for 8-9 months, even longer, neither worker nor company recouped losses. The union never lost a dime. Their officials continued to be paid. The union was never willing to see that there were many ways besides exorbitant pay increases to help improve working conditions. After I came home I joined the union. I became a steward. I was canned from that job after I refused to campaign and influence workers during a union election!

My suggestion to GM and the Union – sell ownership in the company to the workers. Make it a company owned by the workers and the company, with 51% ownership remaining in the hands of the owners. Of course that might make the union obsolete! It will however help keep the company going and it will improve the quality of vehicles produced thus cutting down on purchases of foreign made cars and increase purchase of better made American cars!!

We do not need more socialized bailouts. The government does not exist to bailout poorly managed companies! It was a given that as soon as the banks were bailed out, the automobile industry would be the next industry standing in the “bailout line” with their hand out!

I welcome discussion and dissent!


~ by devildog6771 on November 9, 2008.

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