Censorship – Medias’ Control of American Free Speech is Rampant

More and more discussion is occurring on FOX News about the censorship that occurred during the last Presidential Campaign. News networks, Newspaper Companies, and other media are starting to admit to the biased, open support for Obama. They are not trying to hide the fact that throughout the industry they are practicing “censorship” of news and information that is fed to the American public.

Bearing this censorship in mind, how can FOX News or any other media outlet ask if the nation is slanting left, right, or center? Left. right, and center of what? I believe in calling a “spade a spade!” When the media we all rely on is owned by conglomerates and that ownership is socialist, is directing what and who will receive what coverage, the media is in effect controlling public thought and opinion. It is lying by omission to the public. There is no longer any such thing among medias as “journalistic ethics, accountability, or responsibility in reporting!”

When corporations in other industry get so big they monopolize that industry and thereby remove competition, they are forced to split up to allow other companies in that industry to compete. The reason for this is the benefit of the public welfare or good!

Shouldn’t the media conglomerates be forced to “break up” their monopolies because they use censorship to prevent Americans from making informed decisions in every day aspects of our nations business from the smallest issues to the Presidential leadership of our nation? I feel that if medias want to tell people what that feel specifically about issues that the editorial pages and editorial time slots of their on are time offer them that option while reporting “all the news, uncensored” to the public?


~ by devildog6771 on November 9, 2008.

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