Unemployment Concerns and one Solution

If you are watching the news regularly as I am, then you know the jobless rate in America is up and has become a “critical factor” along with our other woes! I have a suggestion which is also a suggestion.

“Deport all the illegal aliens in America who are working here illegally!” These aliens are willing to work for substandard pay and with no benefits. Their impact isn’t just felt in the job market. If I go to the grocery store, the laundry mat, the local gas “marts,” or department stores,  I have to compete with massive numbers of illegals. Most speak little or no English. If the service provider hasn’t done as most now do and hired bi-lingual employees, you are going to often have long waits at the service counter. A two hour laundry trip now lasts up to an hour or longer. Then there is no guarantee the newly freed machine will work. Trash is all over the place, kids are running around in the way, groups of men stand around drinking or doping, there is no place to park!

In my neighborhood, which is not a high income area, small businessmen and women can barely stay afloat due to being constantly under bid by businesses run by Hispanics, especially construction. The men can’t find work because illegals are being hired in their stead because they work for lower wages and no benefits.

Richmond, like so many cities, has become a “Mecca” for illegals from Mexico and Central America. Crime is a problem. There have been a number of deaths due to drunken illegal drivers. Apartments and rental properties are hard to find because illegals are renting the properties. It is often the norm that ten to twenty people  live in property designed to inhabit a single family of four or less. Even garages are being converted to quasi homes for upwards to ten or more people. These have no running water or power.

Many will read this and say I am prejudice. Sorry, my kids dad is a naturalized man from El Salvador. He feels the same way I did. During a recent war protest, he made the comment to one of my kids that “these people ought to be sent home because they drag the American flag on the ground and fly flags flown by America’s enemies!” He felt they did not want to contribute to the betterment of America or embrace it as their new home. It was a source of money to be sent back home!

While I realize this is not true of all illegals, the numbers who do hate America is staggering. You can thank ANSWER, UFPJ, and IAC to name a few groups, for these people. So, let’s finally “really” address the illegal alien problem. Let’s free up jobs for those in America who are citizens who want a job but can’t find one!


~ by devildog6771 on November 8, 2008.

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