Did Jody steal our American Democracy and Freedom?

While our troops were deployed to fight for our freedom and democracy and that of others did “Jody” steal our own freedom? Jody is the term troops apply to those men who home in on the spouses of deployed soldiers.

So, I ask again, “while our troops are deployed defending American Democracy and freedom and that of others, did “Jody steal” ours? I think, yes!

WikiAnswers says,  “Around 1,203,640 as of January 2007” American soldiers have died defending America in all wars including the current conflicts. Of course it points out that that number may not be totally accurate. I imagine a completely accurate answer is not possible!

From the Lee, R. “The History Guy: Casualties From America’s Wars”,  I found the following statistics as of 1-21- 2007:

Below is a listing of America’s MAJOR wars and conflicts and the known casualty figures for each. Casualties are for United States and Confederate military dead and wounded only. Civilian casualties will be added later.

War Dates Deaths Wounded
American Revolutionary War 1775-1783 Combat: 4,435

Other: Unknown

Indian Wars 1783-1890 Combat: 1,000 (approx.)

Other: Unknown

The War of 1812 1812-1815 Combat: 2,260

Other: Unknown

U.S.-Mexican War 1846-1848 Combat: 1,733

Other: 11,550

Total: 13,283

U.S. Civil War 1861-1865 Union: Combat: 110,070

Other: 249,458

Confederate: Combat: 74,524

Other: 124,000

Union: 275,175

Confederate: 137,000 +

Spanish-American War 1898 Combat: 385

Other: 2,061

Total: 2,456

Philippine-American War 1899-1901 Combat: 1,108

Other: 2,108

Total: 3,216

World War I 1917-1918 Combat: 53,513

Other: 63,195

Total: 116,708

World War II 1941-1945 Combat: 292,131

Other: 115,185

Total: 407,316

Korean War 1950-1953 Combat: 33,651


**(in-theater): 2,830

(not-in-theater): 17,730

Total: 54,246***

Vietnam War 1964-1975 Combat: 47,369

Other: 10,799

Total: 58,168****

Gulf War 1991 Combat: 148

Other: 145

Total: 293

War Dates Deaths Wounded
Operation Enduring Freedom: Afghanistan/Pakistan October 7, 2001– Continuing

As of March 22, 2008

Total: 487

(this number includes four CIA Officers killed in action against al-Qaeda/Taliban forces)

Total: 1,096

(based on DoD website which includes all wounded from Operation EF, including those injured in areas other than Afghanistan/Pakistan)

Operation Enduring Freedom: Philippines Oct. 7, 2001-Continuing

As of September 12, 2004

Combat: 1


Total: 11

Third Persian Gulf War “Operation Iraqi Freedom” March 19, 2003-Continuing

As of March 24, 2008

Total: 4,000

Total: 29, 395
Haiti Intervention March 1, 2004-Continuing

As of May 25, 2004

Combat: 0

Non-Combat: 0

Total: 0

Combat: 1

Non-Combat 0

Total: 1

“From another sourceMatthew White, I found the following statistics:

War [fn.5]
[click the name for sources]
Date Killed in Battle
or Died of Wounds
Died of Disease,
Accident, etc.
Total American Deaths
Legal Authority
World War II 1941-45 291,557 113,842 405,399 Formal declaration
Civil War (US+CS) 1861-65 204,070
World War I 1917-18 53,402 63,114 116,516 Formal declaration
Vietnam War 1965-73 47,378 10,799 58,177 Executive
Korean War 1950-53 33,741 2,827 36,568 Executive
Revolutionary War 1775-83 Patriot: 6,824
Loyalist: 3,000
Patriot: 18,500 Patriot: 25,324 Patriot: Revolutionary
Loyalist: Royal
Indian Wars 1775-1891 3,000 ± [fn.4] 1,100 ± 4,100 ± Executive
Iraq War 2003-
(as of 7 June 2007)
2,863 627 3,490 Executive
War of 1812 1812-15 2,260 17,205 19,465 Formal declaration
Mexican War 1846-48 1,733 11,550 13,283 Formal declaration
Philippine Insurgency 1899-1902 1,018 3,216 4,234 Executive
Spanish Civil War
(Abraham Lincoln Battalion)
1936-39 900 Volunteers
Texas War of Independence 1835-36 704 Revolutionary
Spanish-American War 1898 385 2,061 2,446 Formal declaration
Nicaragua (Walker’s Expedition) 1856-57 1,000 Filibuster
Russian Civil War 1918-20 304 268 572 Executive
Lebanon 1982-84 273 273 Executive
Afghanistan 2001-
(as of 7 June 2007)
212 121 333 [fn.2] Executive
Gulf War 1990-91 148 235 383 Executive
War against Terrorism 2001- 99 2 101 [fn.6] Executive
Mexican expeditions 1914-17 57 57 Executive
Nicaragua 1926-33 47 89 136 Executive

As I read these tables with their numbers, I am saddened and shocked. These tables represent those who have given their lives in defense of our nation, our Democracy, and our freedom!! In a single election, we, as a nation, have allowed a Socialists takeover over twenty years in the making, seize control of America without a single shot fired in defense of our nation. If the new controls over control the media, already controlled predominately by the socialists leftists and the new regulations about gun ownership are passed, then it will be very hard to take back America if we lose our ability to do so through the election process!! Think about it people, what we are silently allowing to happen in America at home, as our troops defend our nation and Democracy abroad???

I think it also behooves us as a nation to take a closer look at how the latest economic crisis at home and abroad has occurred. I do not agree with current explanations. I feel there is a lot of money at play here as part of the latest worldwide effort for a globalist economy under one government and one world court at play here, controlled by big money businesses and banks !!


~ by devildog6771 on November 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Did Jody steal our American Democracy and Freedom?”

  1. Jenna, thank you for your kind words. Thank you and your husband for all you have sacrificed for our country! Remember, you are not alone!

  2. So It is not just me who feels this way. I am a military wife. My husband is a blackhawk pilot and was based at Camp Victory when was in the infantry.
    I really enjoy your website.
    Thank you for everything you.
    Jenna Stine

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