Who is supporting John McCain Besiders me? Why?


I don’t even see a contest between McCain and Obama. If for no other reason than Obama would pull the troops out of Iraq and facilitate a repeat of the Vietnam Experience – pulling out the troops when the battle is being won and declaring defeat! As a Vietnam Era veteran of the USMC, I know how the troops felt when victory was stolen from their grasp and they were handed a humiliating defeat by Ted Kennedy and his socialist cronies in the 60’s. I also remember how many Vietnamese and Cambodians died after we left and then Teddy and Congress cut off all aide to them!

Obama still can’t acknowledge that the surge worked in Iraq and both American Troops and the Iraqi people, their troops and police force are winning against the terrorists and foreign sponsored insurgents. Were mistakes made. Of course! This is a war. Mistakes are made. Innocents are sadly often killed by either side. But, the difference is the insurgents and terrorists weren’t killing accidentally killing their own people. They purposefully killed innocents and used them as shields.

In every aspect, Iraq is turning the corner and beginning to take on more and more of the defense of their nation. What really impresses me is the rebuilding of local Iraqi industry and infrastructure by Iraqis.

John McCain knows what is at stake. He will make the right choices with regard to our continued roll in Iraq. He will bring our troops home. But, he will bring them home as victors.

But, as I listen to John McCain’s speeches, I realize he knows what is at stake if Obama and the extreme left gain control of the White House. I do not always agree with all of John’s views or decisions. Nor do I expect to. I haven’t always agreed with President Bush. But both have America’s welfare as their primary goal. They both understand about protecting our nation from enemies at home and abroad! I believe history will be kinder to President Bush than the leftist, Congress controlled by the Democrats, some white flag Republicans, and many Americans have been.

But the torch is now ready to be passed on to other leadership! The key word here is leadership. John McCain is that man. He is right that raising taxes will have terrible consequences. But, if Obama is elected, the economy will be the least of our worries! Attacks on us by our enemies which we will be too weakened defensively to repel are a given under Obama’s leadership. The systematic destruction of our Democracy and the elimination of our Constitutional rights will bring about the fall of our nation if Obama gets elected. If I wanted to live in a totalitarian, socialist, Marxist, or communist nation, I would move to Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela or some other like place!!

These are my views and opinions. Why are you for McCain?

Below is a post from one of my previous posts I just wrote where Denny expressed his views about why he is voting for McCain. What about you? Why are you for McCain?

Barack Hussen Obama, the charlatan candidate of the Ayers, Dorhn, Wright, Farrakhan, Pfleger, Khalidi, Rezco et al radical left in America.

Keep going strong for McCain in these last days! Internal GOP polls shows McCain coming on strong in Blue States!

BTW, I have already voted here in Northern California for John McCain. Me and my children stand and wave U.S. flags, YES ON ballot 8 for traditional marriage, and McCain-Palin signs for a few minutes almost every day. Many people here in Northern California (I think it may have been 87% in my county that voted for Mr. Bush Jr.) are honking their horns, waving and giving us the thumb up sign. It is very encouraging.

It’s like GOP House Minority Leader John Boehner said, don’t EVER give up!

If YOU and I show enthusiam, people will take notice and respond.

Many people fail to understand that when a person takes some kind of stand, people are forced to react to that stand, whether one way or another. But if no stand at all is percieved, then momentum is maintained for the particular prevailing flow, whatever it is.

Take as an example me and my kid’s enthusiam shown through our willingness to publically and happily encourage others about our belief about the presidential election and the prop issue. Since many hundreds of people have seen us, many may become encouraged enough to talk to one or more people about it, with some possibly getting pro-McCain signs or putting a McCain bumper sticker on their vehicle. These reactions can cause still other reactions, which cause still other reactions, and so forth and so on.

Some people who might not otherwise vote could decide to not only vote, but get someone else to vote with them. Some people who were going to vote for Obama now may either vote for Mr. McCain, someone other than Obama for President, or not vote for President. Some people who were going to put an Obama sticker on their vehicle or other item may change their minds, while other Obama supporters who were enthusiastic, may tone down their support for Obama, causing more reactions.

This is how Movements are born, things get changed, and how Mr. McCain can become President of the United States.

All hands on deck and man the stations for battle! Sound the alarm and STAND UP FOR JOHN McCAIN!
John McCain spent 22 years – five and one half as a POW – in service to his beloved country in the military. He stood up for America and is an American HERO!

Stand UP! for a great American hero and a corruption-fighting Governor of reform!

Stand UP! and be counted with those that stand up for truth, America and a reformed Washington DC!

Let their be no mistake as to whose side you are on, and wear your McCain button on your clothing to show your support for what is good for our country.

McCain-Palin<——-don’t hang around foreign OR domestic terrorists, racists, antisemites or crinimal slum lords, or want to shove a $1,000,000,000,000 dollar risky, socialist, welfare redistrubution plan on an economy in recession, causing it to fall into a deep DEPRESSION!

Denny said this on November 1, 2008 at 7:17

~ by devildog6771 on November 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Who is supporting John McCain Besiders me? Why?”

  1. […] Who is supporting John McCain Besiders me? Why?If for no other reason than Obama would pull the troops out of Iraq and facilitate a repeat of the Vietnam Experience – pulling out the troops when the battle is being won and declaring defeat! As a Vietnam Era veteran of the USMC, … […]

  2. I am not sure if he is evil or the anti-Christ. But he definitely is an enemy of America as a Democracy.

  3. Obama speaks in slogans. He makes one promise after the next without telling you how he plans on doing them. It is a technique. He is vague enough so that your mind fills in the spaces with whatever you think should be there. He constantly changes his positions. If something is working for his opponents he adopts it. He will say or do anything to get in. Once he gets in he or should I say his backers will then do whatever they want.
    He is a great speech giver in the way that Hitler was. He says nothing but is able to cause a visceral response. He stirs people up even to the point of worship and makes them think he is saying what they want him to say when in fact he just spewed a bunch of promises that he in no way can keep.
    He causes women to fall in love with him. This is also through hypnotic technique. They project onto him the image of the perfect man. They lose their sense of reason and judgment. His techniques are right out of books on how to seduce women through hypnosis.
    What you see is not what you are going to get. What you would get would be disastrous.
    His past is riddled with radical leftist. These are people that hate the USA and embrace everybody that is or has been our enemy.
    If you want to get a true flavor of Ayers movement The Weatherman listen to this youtube. The media is trying to say that The Weatherman fellow Ayers is basically harmless. Listen to the youtube of the the testimony of FBI informant Larry Grathwohl in the 1982 documentary No Place to Hide. 25 academic people are plotting the extermination of the 25 million Americans who would bitterly cling to the American way of life? The Weather Underground, led by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, Ayers has been Obama’s close associate for years.


    I believe that with every piece of the evidence and if you connect all of the known dots of the life of Obama you will come to the conclusion that he is a man operating out of the same place these people in the video operate. He is their man. The only thing to suggest that he is not is his rhetoric. The father of the movement of The radicals in this country is a man named Alinsky. He taught his followers methods on how to appear centrist in order to move into power. Obama himself taught workshops on the Alinsky method. It is all about doing, saying and appearing any way you have to in order to get the power. It’s all about tactics to make people think you are someone you are not. One look at his campaign can tell you its all about buying this election and putting on a show. Snowing people.
    There may or may not be a time of peace and the appearance of things going well but soon disaster will come and it will come with a vengeance if he is elected.
    He, if he is elected, especially with a Democrat, leftist driven Congress will acquire absolute power. The courts will also be filled with far left radicals. There will never again be a free election in this country. All free speech will be gone as you see he suppresses heavily now. You either are his or you are gone as far as the press is concerned even now as he campaigns. He doesn’t have the least bit interest in the freedom of the press to disagree with him. Arms will be taken away. A large army with a draft will be instituted. Dissenters will be locked up, “reeducated” or eliminated (killed). Eventually he will require absolute worship as other despot always do. If you don’t choose to worship him expect to die. Of coarse, all this is contingent upon whether those who have trained and shaped Obama from his youth will allow for him to keep the power that he so believingly acquired for them. He too might just be a useful stooge and someone on a higher level of absolute evil could very possibly eliminate him as well once he has fulfilled their desired task. He may well be the anti-Christ or maybe just a prerequisite. Whatever his ultimate role he is exceedingly evil.

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