Will this American election be another time when “a shot heard around the world” was fired not in America, but, at America, from within?

I have repeatedly talked about the socialist movement in America. I have repeatedly referred to this as “America being Attacked from within.” As I look at the polls on FOX News showing the state of the present Presidential race, I am astounded that so many Americans are voting for Obama. Granted, the race isn’t over. McCain can still win. But, not if people don’t go out and vote. Not if people don’t take a really close look at Obama’s background and the Democratic Party funding right now!

This is serious people! American Security abroad is not the only threat to our national welfare. The socialist take-over of America is very real. The “wolf is at the door now!” We must not let them in. Otherwise we will find ourselves in the same state as Europeans now struggle with, the European Union is a socialist controlled   Union! There is a move in the Americas right now for a North American Union. Both advocate the abolition of nation states. Both advocate the abolition of  government as we know it and the establishment of a “Global Socialist Government!”

What most people don’t really pay attention to is the movement of the Islamic threat in all, of Europe. More and more of the European Nations now run by “Democratic” socialist governments practice appeasement that is allowing more and more control of their nations and government to be overtaken by Islamic radicals. Across Europe there is a new movement spearheaded by SIOE, Stop Islamisation of Europe.

As I told Lt. Nixon on his post, “A Blemish on America From Not Long Ago”, on his blog, Lt Nixon Rants”,

People in America are so naive. What they fail to do is look at the entire movement which is really very big! Saul Alynsky wrote a book, “Rules for Radicals [1],” written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away.” Hillary Clinton[2] and Barack Obama[3,],[4] are both avid Alynsky followers. They follow his techniques and teachings for effectively effectively accomplishing the “revolution” towards “socialism” in America or anywhere else for that matter.

Alinsky, George Soros[5], Edward Kennedy[6],[7] and George Soros “Shadow Party,”[8] founded by Soros, Clinton, and Harold Ickes, have done more to advance the slow movement of socialism in America and the “take-over” of the Democratic Party. Read it for yourself. Go to the links on these pages and see just how far socialism has become entrenched in America due, primarily, to the efforts of these people. Don’t get me wrong, they are not alone in this movement. They are the shakers and movers. They have the money and resulting power to succeed if not stopped.

America is under attack from within. The movement has been a slow and deliberate one. It has been quiet and very effective for over 60 years. As you read the information on these pages and their links, you will be very shocked, as was I, over the names and affiliations that come out in this movement.

1.0] “Rules for Radicals:” Discoverthenetwork.org
2.0] Hillary Clinton: Discoverthenetwork.org
3.0] Barack Obama; Discoverthenetwork.org
4.0] Barack Obama: Discoverthenetwork.org
5.0] George Soros: Discoverthenetwork.org
6.0] Edward Kennedy: Discoverthenetwork.org
7.0] Edward Kennedy: Discoverthenetwork.org
8.0] The Shadow Party: Discoverthenetwork.org

We cannot ignore Obama’s background. We can’t continue to pretend that Ayers, Alynsky, and the radical groups Obama worked with had no lasting impact on his politics. We can’t ignore the impact of the Soros “machine” on the Democratic Party. Why Colin Powell and other obviously intelligent and patriotic Americans who love our Democracy, our Nation, would blindly vote in support of Obama and the “socialist revolution” in America is incomprehensible to me! Will this American election be another time when “a shot heard around the world” was fired not in America, but, at America, from within?

Please consider donating to this great watchdog group. They invest much time, effort, and money to provide accurate, well researched information. Go to Discoverthenetwork.org to see how you can help!


~ by devildog6771 on October 24, 2008.

19 Responses to “Will this American election be another time when “a shot heard around the world” was fired not in America, but, at America, from within?”

  1. Действительно отличный блог! Спасибо огромное и… разумеется, пишите еще!

  2. Согласен с автором статьи. У меня точно такое же мнение 🙂

  3. Вообще, честно говоря, комментарии тут гораздо занятнейсамих постов. (Не в обиду автору, конечно :))

  4. Свобода слова на блоге – это всегда хорошо! Самое главное, чтобы общественности было что автору сказать 🙂

  5. НЕ в тему немного, но радует, что автор к блогу не просто тупо взял какую то тему для WP, а сделал что то свое и вкладывает в это дело душу.

  6. Сдается мне, на вашем сайте развелось слишком много так называемых говн*комментатров, которым лишь бы ляпнуть чего-нибудь:)

  7. Certainly I remember you. Long time no see, lol! I think maybe you misunderstood my post. I don’t think your country or Europe is a “bad” place. However, it is no secret that the European Nation is controlled by Socialist, not Democratic nations as is the United Nations. This socialists control has made the UN impotent in many world crisis.

    It is also a well established fact that the Islamic movement by Islamic immigrants who are very radical, especially in the second generation, college educated sects is rapidly interweaving itself into European nation governments. SIOE http://watchingamerica.com/News%5D is a major effort across Europe, without regard for national persuasion, to thwart the Islamic movement. I do not know of any such group of national or European effort to stop or thwart the dramatic spread of socialism which will eventually end Democracy in Europe and elsewhere if left to its own devises.

    My personal opinions here is that the socialization movement is part of the effort by some of the world’s richest people to force the world to embrace “globalization” with one world government and one world court and effectively end national boundaries and nationalism. If successful, major banking and businesses, transnationals, will control the world governing body.

    My intent was to make people here in America aware of the European movement here and abroad. We cannot allow this erosion of civil liberties for people.

  8. you might remember me from years ago, I still came by your blog every once in a while. I am an Austrian, and to be honest I did not quite know what I was supposed to feel when reading this post.

    Do you think Europe is in such a terrible state?
    What exactly do you mean with “the same state as Europeans now struggle with”?
    I know we are struggling with a lot of issues, but many of those have barely anything to do with the socialist background.

    I would appreciate some sort of response, because I would like to know what is so terrible about countries like the one I live in. I am not saying that things are perfect here, but I do see pros and cons about every thing….

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