Will the Real Barack Obama “Come on Down!”

For over three years I have been writing about the Socialist take over and plans for the Democratic Party and America. Today I found another great article supporting my position. “Hillary, Obama and the Cult of Alinsky,” by  Richard Lawrence Poe. The article starts off:

MOST AMERICANS never heard of Saul Alinsky. Yet his shadow darkens our coming election. Democrat frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both worship at the altar of Alinskyism.

Poe goes on to provide a chronicle of Saul Alinsky and two of his avid students, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Alinsky wrote,”Rules for Radicals,” in 1961. In this book, Alinsky wrote about how revolutionaries successfully carried out their radical revolution! Poe continues to chronicle Alinsky’s rise to political power, the people he influenced, and how they successfully used Alinsky’s, “Rules for Radicals,” to take over the Democratic Party and put one of “their” own in the race for President of the United States.

That Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama share an Alinskyite background tells us two things. First, they are leftists, dedicated to overthrowing our Constitutional system. Second, they will go to any length to conceal their radicalism from the public.

That is the Alinsky method. And that is today’s Democratic Party.

Hillary is out of the picture for now. I am still not sure how that came about. You can bet it isn’t the end of her career goals. Barack Obama, well, Poe said it best:

Barack Obama is also an Alinskyite. Trained by Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation, Obama spent years teaching workshops on the Alinsky method. In 1985 he began a four-year stint as a community organizer in Chicago, working for an Alinskyite group called the Developing Communities Project. Later, he worked with ACORN and its offshoot Project Vote, both creations of the Alinsky network.

Do Americans really want this man to be our President? I don’t think so! I feel like I want to get on top of the tallest building in America and scream out, “wake-up people, the enemy within is possibly more dangerous than the terrorists who threaten our existence every day.” The difference is the terrorists don’t hide their intent. Obama, under the tutoring of Alinsky, has become expert at hiding his!

Will the real Barack Obama “Come on Down?”

~ by devildog6771 on October 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Will the Real Barack Obama “Come on Down!””

  1. I hear you loud and clear!

  2. The terrorist said that our next attack would come from within our own government! My vote goes to John McCain!

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