Thank You, Sarah Palin!

Thank you, Sarah Palin for getting right down to the issue at hand in this election. At Loveland you said that “spreading the wealth” as Senator Obama keeps telling us all he wants to do is basically “Socialism. You mate exactly right.

We keep hearing complaints from the Obama camp every time a spokesman dares to approach their rhetoric and challenge the speaker about the “socialist ideology” being spread across America under the smoke screen of “Progressives!” As the old saying goes, “A rose by any other name is still a rose!”

Make up your mind people. Do you want to keep our Democracy intact? or, do you want to travel down the often failed and totalitarian road of Socialism under the Socialists dream of one world socialist government? Don’t allow these people to intimidate you. They are trained in debate tactics and every other type of tactic used to intimidate people and attempt to make one feel unsure of their beliefs! Many of them are paid for their work and bussed all over the country.

Obama is bringing in unbelievable amounts of money to spend on the airways and in his other campaign efforts. With the “Shadow Party” behind him with all their people soliciting by phone and door to door, is it any surprise? George Soros has donated millions to the 527’s in the “Shadow Party”for use in the socialist effort to elect Obama!

Don’t be fooled. ACORN is soliciting door to door and committing voter registration fraud nation as they have in the last several elections. Look at their web. Go look up ACORN and the Shadow Party at See exactly who and how the Shadow Party is “buying” the White House for Obama.


~ by devildog6771 on October 20, 2008.

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