An Open Letter to Senator John McCain

Dear Senator McCain,

I am concerned about your latest type of political tactics. It will be considered by many as a desperation tactic. Please attack him [Obama] differently.

You need to address his tax credit plan and many of his other “plans” to help our economy. Right now people “don’t care” much about Ayers or CAIR; but whether or not they will lose their retirement income, their job, their home, etc,. When people say “attack him back and stop taking it” they mean these issues now that are very real and “fresh” in our minds. Your latest adds are true, yes, but in a survival mode, people will not listen.

Go back to John McCain, the “maverick,” we all know and love. Trust your “gut” and tell people specifically what you will and want to do for us Americans. Don’t lose your cool; but, be forceful and passionate. The people, me included, need to see that you feel our fears. Right now one my biggest fears is that  Obama will win and “Socialism” will rule AMERICA AND EAT AWAY AT OUR CONSTITUTION and all our FREEDOMS!

Start telling people that they need to do their homework. They can go to Thomas and look up the performance of “all” Representatives and Senators, look at bills and such and see for themselves who supported what, who did what, and who did not! Give them the specific bills to look up. Tell them what these bills really covered and why you failed to support them. Then tell them to go to Thomas and see for themselves, to not blindly accept your word or any candidate’s word. Tell them to be informed and verify claims by you and Obama for themselves as a part of their “right and duty” as voters.

Instead of letting Obama say you failed to sign off on legislation that would help us all, show people where they can verify in Thomas why you didn’t sign off. Let them see for themselves all the extraneous strings and junk attached to the bills you did not support. Make this your focus. Then add the Ayers bit and CAIR, his Church questions, and the questions presented in the lawsuit over his birth place as additional questions on his appropriateness as our President.

He is not what he seems. Your issues are all correct. But, THEY are out of SEQUENCE as far as what “down home folks” want to hear right now from you!!

You, Senator McCain, are the best choice for President. Don’t let Obama side track you off issues. Keep telling people “WHAT YOU” will do for us now in this present crisis and “HOW” specifically you will fix it. My personal opinion is you should not say that you will balance the budget within a year. That is a bit “over the top” for you or anyone else.  Say truthfully that it will take time and hard work; but, this is how you best plan to attack the problem and  then tell us those plans. Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t have “all” the answers, that you will make mistakes. Tell people you need our help. That we all need to do our part, make sacrifices. But, if we all work together, we can and will, get through this economic mess. Tell us that you will hold all those responsible accountable, that their a days are numbered and the debacle to that end will not turn into a prolonged circus as in the past and recent failures of our elected officials.

Senator McCain, Americans want leadership, real leadership. They want their leaders to be those who support our laws and respect the Constitution. They want leaders who aren’t afraid to stand up to the left as it tries to destroy all we stand for. They also want leaders who will stand up to the right who would take us back in time to the days before many Americans, blacks, women, minorities of all sects, were denied those pursuits of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” enjoyed by the rich and male dominated sects of our society! They don’t want anything given to them. They only want the ability to work for them fairly and equitably.  Americans, the people, “WE the PEOPLE,” want to be able to participate in the “American Dream” regardless of our racial, ethnic, religious, social, or any other origin, fairly!

What we want is to know that our President hears our voice and that our voice means something, that it counts, that we all can dream and aspire to be more and better than we think we are. We want back the trust we used to have in our government and nation! We want back our dreams taken away! Those of us denied dreams in the past want guarantees that will no longer be the case.

This is a great nation despite what the left would have us all believe. It is a nation with opportunity for all. It is, like any other nation, not without its faults. But, unlike many nations, we are known for washing and hanging out our “dirty wash” for all to see in the interest of openness and Democracy. But, as has happened many times before  in our great history, there have been those both within and outside our great nation who out of greed, the quest for power, or simply because they are misguided, tried to tear down all we stand for. Well, those people didn’t succeed in the past. They won’t succeed now, unless we allow them to do so.

We want our nation safe. We want our troops taken care of and given the support they need to do their job. We want to allow them to win in Iraq and in Afghanistan because we realize that doing so ensures freedom to the people in those nations. But, we also know that winning, there will help spread Democracy and freedom to other people in the world. We believe that Democracy and ‘government of the people”s the only way to ensure world peace and economic growth and prosperity. We also know that Democracy is the best way to ensure that all peoples enjoy freedom to worship and enjoy their own “life, liberty, and the pursuit” of their own happiness!!

Thank you for hearing me out Senator McCain. I don’t profess to have all the answers. But, I thought you might like to hear the “talk on the streets” with regard to voters.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons I feel Obama should not be President. From

Radical and Socialist Influences:

Saul Alinsky
Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour
Bill Ayers
Carl Davidson
Frank Marshall Davis
Bernardine Dohrn
John L. McKnight
Democratic Socialists of America
Gamaliel Foundation
New Party
Socialist Scholars Conference

Political Allies and Advisors:

Ali Abunimah
Mohamed Salim Al-Churbaji
David Axelrod
Joe Biden
Gregg Craig
Jim Johnson
Marilyn Katz
Anthony Lake
Robert Malley
Raila Odinga
Alice Palmer
Eli Pariser
George Soros
Cass Sunstein
Dorothy Tillman
Joyce Wheeler
Tim Wheeler

As a voter, it behooves us all to look closely at the background of Presidential Candidates. Personally, I prefer my President to have fewer ties and teachings with and from known radical Socialist and/or Communist proponents!!

Senator McCain Official Website
Wikipedia-John McCain
Wikipedia-Bill Ayers
Senator Obama Official Website
Wikipedia-Barack Obama

~ by devildog6771 on October 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “An Open Letter to Senator John McCain”

  1. It is a shame that our quality and loyal men are laid to waste for personal and political gain over an invented threat.

    McCain may have been a man of honor in the past, but he is lower than dirt now for the lie’s and actions he takes as a politician.

    There have been many honorable men that turned bad and now reside in prisons for murder, corruption and many other crimes that are too many to list.

    I base a mans character on his actions of today, not 40 years ago. People do change, and sometimes it’s for the worse, like McCain!

    Mr. Day may be a great American Hero, but McCain is pure trash! Period!

    I served, and I support our troops, but the policy of attacking other countries for OIL and to install a central banking system under the false pretenses of terrorism I can in no way support.

    You want the real terrorist? Go to capitol hill!

    I swore to defend the Constitution of the U.S. agaist all enemies, foreign and domestic, I did not swear to defend a corrupt political and banking system, and I pity the uneducated troops that loose their leggs and lives for some fat rich turd to make a few million more dollars!

    You want to honor our heros, tell them the truth!

  2. Very good post. I really wish that Mccain would do somehting. YOu have great points but he will not bring them up.

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