American Public gets the “Screw!” Where’s the Kiss?

This debacle in the “do nothing Congress” has reached the point of absurdity! I am certain that The Progressive Caucus and every “extreme” leftist organization in the country is salivating over the recent turn of events. They can’t wait for the government to “take over” these failed industries. If this happens, what is next? How much further will we as a nation let this road to “socialism’ go before we realize our “Democracy” is being chipped away bit by bit??

What we ought to be doing is two fold. One, authorize the Justice Department to immediately begin looking into all the involved industries to bring federal conspiracy and fraud charges against the appropriate individuals. Send them all to prison until they rot!! They all conspired if you think about it! It was a business scheme on a national level to make enormous profit for several industries at public expense!! That was fraud, or it ought to be!!

Second and simultaneously, push Congress to pass appropriate legislation to fix this mess we are in without eroding our Democratic process. First and foremost there needs to be protection for the individual Americans being hurt by the greed of the housing industry, mortgage industries, and other related industries. I remember in the late 70’s and early 80’s when the greedy leaders of these industries started inflating the cost of new and old homes. The move filtered down like a cancer to all supporting industries.

When we got away from the sound accepted unwritten “rule” that your mortgage payment should never be larger than a weeks pay, we started down the slippery slope we are now slowly trying to climb. It was a good rule. Generally, with good money management, one could live a comfortable life. But, no, this wasn’t good enough. We had to have variable interest rates, this incentive, that incentive, to buy homes because greed over inflated the prices of new and used homes to the point that houses were no longer  affordable to middle income and low income Americans!!

Most of this happened over about a “6” month period. All you need to do is a little wool gathering to remember when it all started.

Now we have a good for nothing, do nothing Congress controlled by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and the other degenerates who have managed to “pimp out” the Democratic Party. George “the socialists” Soros wants Government to buy out all the bad loans, etc.. I think I smell a “fox in the hen house!” As this mess is worked on for a solution, a closer look needs to be taken to see who or what is “orchestrating” from the sidelines.

I refuse to believe that over night we have fallen into economic shambles and “NO ONE” or “NO AGENCY” saw it coming!! I also find it convenient that the “$hit hit the fan” as we embark on the final stretch of the current election for President. Are we in trouble right now? Yes! Did this administration create the mess? NO! Are we, the public, being manipulated? Hell yes! The media, except for FOX News, is showing the public only one side of the issue as are many of the leftist controlled newspapers!

Wake up people!! Think!! Go to Thomas and other resources and see where this all started for yourself. See what leaders and elected officials were involved. Then as soon as possible vote them out on their greedy arses!! Frankly, I think we ought to consider getting rid of many of the elected members in Congress before the end of terms Most will be Democrats. Some will be Republicans.  As it all stands right now, the “American Public gets the Screw!” But, “where’s the kiss??


~ by devildog6771 on October 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “American Public gets the “Screw!” Where’s the Kiss?”

  1. Reverend Manny, there is definitely need for American Maturity. American’s also need to be less led and start taking more responsibility for their life and affairs in our nation!

  2. JHS, your points are well taken. Reverend Manny, thank you for your comments and support! I appreciate both of you stopping Thank you both.

  3. yet again, you find an ally in me, the Lefty Libertarian… the whole Cuomo/Clinton thing really needs to get looked at. Look up Wayne Barret’s piece entitled “Andy’s Babies”… he really really traces the roots of the subprime loan scandal.
    The other thing, though, is we gotta start living within our limits As a nation, as people, as an economy and as a political body. It’s time for some American Maturity.

    Thanks for your posts. Keep it up.

    One Love,
    –Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

  4. Don’t forget that some of the loans that led to this debacle were mandated by law. Let’s investigate the legislators who created mandatory lending laws while we are at it. We can not hold any lender responsible who is guilty of nothing other than obeying the mandatory lending laws.

  5. You know what’s weird? I’m a Lefty Libertarian, and I’m not ashamed of it in the least. I can find almost nothing to disagree with in your essay here.

    Too many people that got us into the mess (including Paulson, who made a killing on toxic investments at Goldman Sachs) are now our “supposed saviors”.

    And I’m truly disturbed by how quickly everyone’s willing to have nearly a trillion dollars worth of assets just assumed by the government, mostly under the oversight of Paulson (King Fox of the Henhouse).

    To your point about regulation.

    Not to be cynical, but it seems abundantly clear to me that our Congress is either unwilling or incapable of regulating these industries. If we bail out all these failing companies, though, we are PREVENTING the free market from regulating itself.

    It’s funny, I actually think the media is right-wing biased (I know, that’s what a Lefty would say). But I wholeheartedly agree that they are doing ALMOST NO investigation as to where these problems actually started. Clinton and Cuomo (as head of HUD) had a huge amount to do with this problem.

    I think it speaks to some national consensus when both the Genuine Left and Genuine Right vehemently disagree with this bailout.

    Thank you for this blog. I know we’d probably disagree on about 10% of things, but I’m fairly sure we share the same core values (judging by some of your blogs).

    Stay sharp. And thanks for being on top of this.

    One Love, One Hope,
    –Reverend Manny

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