Obama says lobbyist fund McCain

I was listening to Obama on FOX News. He claims McCain is totally financed by lobbyists. He claims he, Obama, is not funded by any PAC or Lobbyist. He says he is completely funded by private donations from everyday Americans like you and me! Correct if I am wrong; but, isn’t Obama the same candidate who walked away with George Sroros’ support previously given to Hillary? Doesn’t Soros and all the other leftist cronies who control the Democratic Party do so by controlling the money that can’t be directly donated to the party by their 527 networks? They throw millions of unaccounted for monies into purchasing air time and making political statements of support  for Obama and against McCain. Look it up for yourself at discoverthenetwork.org! You can also go to the IRS website and look at how much these groups say they collect to promote a candidate. In a round about, indirect way, they are donating to Obama’s campaign. It certainly isn’t being used to support McCain!!


~ by devildog6771 on September 22, 2008.

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