Bailouts – What to do!

Where I live in Virginia, some of our crucial government leaders made some questionable legal maneuvers the left them with with lavish retirement packages much like the packages going to the “big shots” at AIG and Lehman. The remaining workers, down to the sanitation workers and our police officers and paid fireman and women are now paying for the greed of those few greedy individuals.

American workers in and out of the private sector and at all levels of local, state, and federal government have paid for the greed of a few for decades. Add to that the rape of the workers who have Unions refuse to adjust their demands to issues of the day and you have a nation people who are supporting greedy and power hungry men and women all across the board.

Where does it all end?

It doesn’t as long as Americans remain complacent, believe everything they see or hear in the media without checking it out or vote “the party line!” Wake up people!  A “Rose is stills a Rose” even if the thorns have been removed. If it looks like dogie pooh, smells like dogie pooh, then it’s dogie pooh! If you don’t get off your tush on your couch or recliner, then nothing will change. If you constantly “don’t want to talk politics or hear about it” because you are sick of politics, then don’t complain as America slides down the tube! If you believe in God and have faith in freedom as we have enjoyed to quote a comment I heard on FOX news, great. Now what are you going to do to ensure that we continue to enjoy those rights?

I don’t think we should bail out companies so they can continue to give huge multimillion or multimillion dollar incentives to the leadership that was in charge when this fiasco started. What are they being paid for, raping the American public? driving their corporation into bankruptcy? bringing our nation to the point of financial collapse? Fire the greedy, incompetent jerks! Send them all to jail! Seize their assets and put them back into the companies they ruined!

Do the same thing to those who control the banking industry, the mortgage industry, the housing industry and the real-estate industries! Then go to all trjhose on the extreme left who want to see the “masses” share the wealth of the rich, seize their assets and distribute them back equally to all Americans.


~ by devildog6771 on September 22, 2008.

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