The Islamabad bombing

The massive bombing of the well guarded Marriott in Islamabad ought to be a wake up call for Pakistan. How much longer will Pakistani leadership sit on the fence. Admittedly Pakistan has seemed to be one of our and the coalitions most trusted allies in the region. If that were really their roll, why would we have to start going after Al-Qaeda across Pakistan’s border in an effort to stop the latest influx of terrorists crossing over into to Afghanistan?

Pakistan is at a cross roads now. It must either allow Muslim extremism to become the major force in Pakistan or take a stand for democracy.  But, that would mean an end to the corruption that exists in the Pakistani leadership. The leadership in Pakistan also needs to start addressing the needs of its own citizens. In other words, the Pakistani leadership needs to start acting like leaders and not continue to safe guard their own power structure. In other words, Pakistani leadership needs to put self on a lower priority and the nation on a higher priority!

Just a thought!


~ by devildog6771 on September 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Islamabad bombing”

  1. Thank you, David, for the link!

  2. The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 09/22/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

  3. no problem…

  4. Pacer521, you are so right. Well made point. Thank you for your comments.

  5. I get what you are saying, but it really all depends on if Pakistan can get rid of their terrorists..

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