My take on the AIG crisis and other issues

AIG is in trouble! OK! What to do. Don’t bail their greedy behinds out of trouble. Everyone is worried about housing prices going down. Is that really such a bad thing? I remember when the prices for new and used homes started rising to two and three times their actual value. The mortgage companies, real estate industry, and housing industry together did this. As a result, the American dream of a home became no longer available to most Americans in the middle incime range, much less the lower income families. Then Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac come along. They are supposed to help lower income people. Sounds good in theory. But, again, that is collapsing too. Greed again.

The only people I see benefiting from the non-fixed mortgage rates, Fanny, and Freddy are the same people who are already wealthy. Only now, they are richer at our expense. They want the Feds to bail them out. I say let them go down. Let the housing prices go back down where they belong. Let the housing industry and all the other supporting industries start dealing with real prices for real value.

Our economy has long been manipulated buy the wealthy at the expense of the middle income and lower income people. Go back to the principle where you can’t buy a house that has a higher monthly payment than your weekly income. If people want to buy a home, then let them work and save for their own down payment and then buy one.

Then we also need to stop the foreign money that is and has been slowly infiltrating our economy until foreign investors control our economy. We need to stop American industries from going over seas and reeking in profits because they don’t have to pay out the salaries the jobs are worth or provide decent benefits to those people in under developed nations.  They cost American jobs. They are also committing economic suicide for America because they are not developing new technology and industries here at home to replace or keep up with the changing needs here at home.

Globalization is nice in theory but you can’t have every developed nation go broke as it tries to develop the undeveloped nations. I am not saying not to help those nations. But who are we helping if we collapse our own economy at the same time?

Now, it’s time to take a look at one more thing. Who are these investors controlling our markets? Most of them come from the Middle East. They are filthy rich people in poor nations. Why don’t those greedy barons help develop the economies in their own nations? I can think of one big reason. They wouldn’t keep on raping their own nation and by proxy their own countrymen and women. They wouldn’t remain in control as absolute monarchs accountable to no one. They wouldn’t be continuing to cause the growth of breeding grounds for terrorism.

Another thing to consider is the fact that we have Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations who have sent their “sleepers” into America and other Democratic nations to help disrupt and destroy their economies from within as part of their latest effort to establish a new world wide caliphate.

It is time to take a closer look at some of our policies. The downfall of many democracies is their own rigid adherence to laws, regulations, and ideas without considering we are our own worst enemy if we don’t protect our own nations economy, national defense, and sovereignty.

One last item. Somewhat unrelated. Separation of Church and State is what has prevented us from becoming a nation like those radical Muslim and other religious nations who are right now constantly being dragged back into the “stone age” by extremist who have come into control in the religious community of those nations. Because these extremists control so much of the political process, the governments have become hostage to the religious leaders. If a church in America wants to have to have non profit status, then they need to stay out of politics.

Religion is an individual right. When we allow religious leaders and churches to become too involved in the process of government, government looses its autonomy. Again we have the Muslim nations to look at presently as example of truth here. But, as a Catholic, we have past history to demonstrate the danger here too! That doesn’t mean we can’t open a meeting with a prayer. That doesn’t mean we have to follow the present trend of removing the mention of or the presence of religion from every aspect of governmental processes or the dwellings which house them.

Let’s face it, extremism, Christian or otherwise is always a reality in any nation. In my opinion, it is often a symptom of a bigger problem. We need to find a way to keep our focus on real issues and beware of “pseudo issues” that are used to distract us from those real issues.

First and foremost, defense against the terrorists who still intend and are actively trying to destroy democracy here at home and abroad. Second, we need to keep our economy sound while maintaining a strong defense. We need to become more independent of foreign fuel resources. When I hear the American oil companies say they are not equipped to drill for oil in America, I say bull. How do they get the foreign oil? They certainly aren’t buying it all.

Lastly, we need to push other democratic nations and developed nations to get off their complacent arses and start carrying their part of the burden in world affairs. They have plenty criticism for our efforts while they sit back reaping the benefits. Let’s prod them to start doing their part here. Too many nations would love to see our country fall on its face. If that ever happens, you can bet your “bippy” their tune will change one hundred and eighty degrees!


~ by devildog6771 on September 20, 2008.

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