Hugo and the Wolf. A Venezeulan Fairy Tale and a Russian “Puppet Master”!

I see Russia is beginning to expand its muscle flexing campaign. Once again Europeans have allowed a dangerous appeasement precedence to begin as Russia begins its move to regain those Central Asian nations that  became free after the old USSR collapsed. The whole scenario is very much like a playback of Hitler’s Germany before the beginning of WWII! Doesn’t anyone read Winston Churchill any more? Are we going to relive the follies of another Chamberlain?

If you pay close attention, you will see that Russia will do anything to prevent a new pipeline to the Caspian in those  nations. Russia doesn’t want to lose the money they bleed from those nations for using the Russian pipeline. Maybe Russian leaders are also having second thoughts about the government whoring itself out to the Russian mob. Maybe they have also begun to remember that old saying, “sleep with dogs and you get fleas!” The government needs to assert its independence of the Russian mob before Russian citizens begin to see how capitalism has made the mob and government officials there wealthy while little has changed in the life of ordinary Russian citizens?

But there is another element in play here. We are a threat in the Russian eyes. The strategic missiles we plan to put in the region to safe guard against Iranian aggression in the region makes Russia edgy. They know it will be harder for them to move against the newly freed Central Asian nations with an American presence on the scene in any capacity. I suspect Russia also sees this as a possible move toward speeding up admission of any of those nations into NATO.

But Russia is not content bullying France and England, specifically, and the remainder of the European nations. She has boldly and openly asserted her new new found political clout by moving missiles to Venezuela. Old Hugo is “crying wolf” again that the big, bad old US of A is encouraging his enemies to over throw his crooked and stifling regime. So he recalled his Ambassador and sent ours packing and asked for help in the form of Russian missiles.

What, he can’t believe any of his countrymen are capable of independent thought and reasoning? He doesn’t believe they can see what a leech he really is and decide on their own to can him?

Lol, Hugo, you give us Americans too much credit! Anyone with a pea size brain can see that all you are doing is misdirecting public attention away from your rape of Venezuelan rights to the big bad “Gringo Americano!” You know what happens when you cry wolf too many times, Hugo? You got it. You get eaten by the wolf! Your false cries will get old and tired. No one will heed your final cry as the wolf swallows the last of your greedy and corrupt behind!

As for allowing Russia to bring in missiles, and I suppose manpower to man those missiles, well Hugo, does OOHHH…, OOHHHh, OOOHHHhh……, OOOHHHHoooo sound familiar?


~ by devildog6771 on September 13, 2008.

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