McCain – Sarah Palin

As much as I am often frustrated by McCain, I am often pleasantly surprised. One thing none can ever accuse him of is being gutless! In a time when America is over run in one party by people from the radical left, McCain has managed to encompass the much needed coup. He has selected a woman for his running mate. He has selected a woman who is the only candidate with executive skills.  She is considered conservative yet isn’t against needed change.

Palin is known for fighting and winning battles against corruption in politics. She is the mother of “5” kids who favors  the right to bear arms. Sounds like my kind of woman. Thank God she won’t be a “token” or a brainless twit!


~ by devildog6771 on August 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “McCain – Sarah Palin”

  1. Sorry, Dan, but you sound like sour grapes to me. McCain doesn’t always past my “litmus test.” However, his choice of “this” woman today was both gutsy and insightful.

  2. Clearly the Rove strategists judged they needed this pick.
    They told McCain she was the pick.
    And he said: “Yes, sirs.”

    Nevermind that he just spent the past month attacking his opponent for being “inexperienced” on foreign policy and national security affairs. An opponent who has been a US Senator and part of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affair, Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, and Senate Foreign Relations Committee for more than three years. Now Senator McCain has tapped for second in command a Governor of less than two years?

    Clearly the Rove strategists judged they needed this pick.
    They told McCain she was the pick.
    And he said: “Yes, sirs.”

    Talk about gutless…

  3. There is another option, McCain knows that he may not finish his term. He is effectively saying, if I don’t, this woman can do the job! I supported Hillary all my life [60] until I found out just how much she leans towards the left and socialists/communist idealogy.

    As a woman active in the 60’s and 70’s and I was betrayed as were all women by Hillary. You see, just because a woman is running, doesn’t mean I will vote automatically for her. Would you want Nancy Pelosi to be President?

  4. I totally agree. I was very happy with this choice from McCain. I didn’t see it coming either! We will see how the conservative republicans react.

  5. hey ya its not a bad choice for sure, but i do find it hypocritical that Fox news bashed Obama for not picking Hillary while at same time saying that if he had picked her he would only be doing so to win the election. Can you not make the argument that McCain is doing the same thing also, just trying to make women feel like he cares enough to where they will vote for him. There are many stated conversations where McCain has not approved of women and made tasteless remarks about them. I know most news stations will not cover it but it just seems a bit hypocritical, and just a pick to get the votes. I am not voting for the best candidate, since there is no one just the best one out of the two.

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