McCain and his “Crying towel!”

This is the image Jimmy Carter would like American voters to see or think about every time they see John McCain in the media. Carter accuses McCain of milking his status as a “former POW.” He says McCain uses his POW status at every opportunity to conjur support from sympathetic voters. How absurd.

In making such a ridiculous and callous accusation, Carter certainly won’t draw the support of very many military  veterans or their families for Obama. They all know that like most former POW’s, McCain seldom talks about his captivity or torture. They also know why!

Personally, Jimmy,  I think you have been sipping too much of the beer made famous by your deceased brother, Billy. It and has pickled your brain! With all due respect former President Carter, sir, why don’t you stay back in Georgia and quietly sip “Billy’s Beer” and leave the politics to people much more competent than you were. By the way, can I take back my vote I gave you when you ran for office? While I’m on a roll, could you also stop trying to rewrite American History?

Let’s face it, you “screwed the pooch!” You busted our economy. You were lousy at foreign politics and defending America and its people. You like to allude to yourself as a great American Statesman. All I see when I see your image in the media or hear when you speak is a man who would gladly sell out our American ideals. You may like to think of yourself as projecting the image of the courtly old southern gentleman deserving of our respect. Think again. I just see a “wrinkled old carpet bagger.”

~ by devildog6771 on August 29, 2008.

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