Sad State of Affairs

Well, I finally got my computer “fixed.” I was beginning to suffer from “withdrawal.” My computer was so slow and it kept hanging up. I got so frustrated I wanted to apply the “magic” hammer cure. But, good senses prevailed.

I see I haven’t missed too much. Cheating Military spouses” still continues to pull in the most viewers and comments. I have to say I find this an alarming bit of information. It leads me to conclude that my posts are becoming so mundane that no other topic garners reader interest. I simply can’t accept that with all that is happening with the war effort “cheating” is the only topic of interest for bloggers, especially milbloggers!

I apologize for this sad state of affairs. I can only say that though my posts do not reflect such, there are many things going around in my head that are worthy of blogging. I simply don’t seem to be able to write about them. Bear with me as I try to get my act together.


~ by devildog6771 on August 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sad State of Affairs”

  1. Blessed1 I think you are probably right. I think my computer problems are finally fixed for now. At least, I hope so! As for “humans,” well that is another issue, lol!

  2. I doubt that its your writing being mundane… im sure it is just a reflection of something that stirs so many mixed emotions in people.. regardless which side of the cheating they are on! Humans! Good luck with the computer!! ..I know that feeling!

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