Is Anyone Listening?

Am I the only person who has lost a family member and just can’t seem to get through the grief of that loss? Is my family the only family that finds it cannot function the same any more because we lost a loved one? Don’t any of the other families who lost a husband, wife, brother, sister, son, daughter, father, mother, nephew, niece, boyfriend, girlfriend, …, feel like the pain of loss will never end? Don’t any of the other families who have lost a loved one find they are unable to talk to one another like before that loved one died? Don’t any of the other families feel like things will never feel the same again?

As you watch your loved ones family go through the motions of adjusting to their loss, don’t any others out there find themselves left with struggling to adjust to the new people who come into their lives? Do you feel resentful your loved ones family is going on with its life without him or her even though you know they still feel the pain of loss? Are others of you afraid that this new life will no longer have room for your family? As a parent or grandparent, do you feel afraid that you will never see your loved ones kids again if you don’t walk on eggshells around your loved ones immediate family?

Do any others of you feel that you are no longer welcome in your loved ones family or feel uncomfortable because you feel you no longer have any family rights. Do you feel that your life has been left in limbo because you do not know how or what you can or can’t do with respect to helping your loved ones family? Do you feel like they too are slowly slipping away and another enormous gap will left behind and there is nothing you can say or do to prevent the gap or hole?

Don’t any of you other families feel like a whole family once existed and now all that is left behind is a family of dominoes that just continues to crumble as you struggle to survive your loss? Don’t any of you other families feel as though all you have left are your conversations and visits to the marked grave of your loved ones because conversation and visits with the family you once had no longer exists?

As you listen here at home to the daily news on the war, the national politics, and, the rantings of those on the left, do you find yourself wanting to ask, “did my loved one die for nothing?” Do you find your family also divided along the same lines as those daily voices that assault your senses through the media? Do you find yourself wondering if your lost loved one would be ashamed at this state of affairs of your own family and your own nation?

As a veteran, family member of a veteran, family member of a lost veteran, or veteran supporter, do you find the words, “Never again!” constantly on the tip of your tongue and wonder if again another generation of veterans and loved ones have died, another generation of veteran families have been shattered all for naught because a small group of people, with the money and the means, are again trying destroy all our loved ones died for on behalf of America?

As you struggle to save what is left of your family, do you find yourself overwhelmed by a deep seething anger over the fact that you are left with so much grief, pain, and loss, and that again, it all may have been for nothing? Do you other families out there who have lost a loved one feel as though your life has become filled with a deep seated “fear” every waking moment that leaves you feeling helpless to prevent this outcome? Do any of you other families out there who have lost a loved one ever wonder how can I go on? Why should I even care? Why do I feel so isolated? Can anyone out there hear me? Is anyone listening?


~ by devildog6771 on August 7, 2008.

7 Responses to “Is Anyone Listening?”

  1. Throwing Stones, your point is well made and right on target! As for those people you mentioned, they do not want us to succeed. They only want the end of our nation as we know it. Some want a Socialist/Communist state. Others are followers of those who want one world government without regard for national sovereignty! The Democratic Party is controlled by these people.

    That doesn’t mean all Democrats are are believers of these two ideologies. Those who would sabotage our nation have used the “loophole” in the new “campaign finance law” to establish networks of “527’s” which were pretty much in place “before” the law was passed. You can thank George Soros for that, along with Hillary Clinton, Jane Fonda, Harold Ickes, and several other very rich and powerful people of similar persuasion. These networks are very sophisticated and difficult to decipher or track. “CONTROL THE MONEY; and, YOU CONTROL THE PARTY!”

    McCain may be our only hope. However, like the Dems, the Republicans, in my opinion, have a very poor and weak pool of people from which to select a Vice Presidential Candidate. As McCain himself admits, Obama is a very powerful speaker. That coupled with McCain’s age will make an unfortunate difference to many.

    I personally think our nation is now facing its greatest “challenge and threat from within” to our continued existence as a Democratic Society we have ever faced since 1776! Never has every single voter’s vote been more important. As a nation, the one we all love, the majority of Americans, we will fail or we will continue to succeed only if the “couch potatoes” and “those of us who have become complacent” in our freedom get off their “arses” and get out and vote.

    It is a national tragedy that the “largest” and “longest existing Democracy” or free nation may succumb to indifference and complacency!

    Please, each and everyone of you who read my blog, encourage everyone you know, family member or friend, neighbor, whoever, to get out and study the candidates. The internet is a wonder tool, at home or at the library, to use for this purpose. They can research candidates for themselves, and then VOTE for the only choice we have as a nation. Though I do not agree with all of John McCain’s ideas, I truly believe he is the only hope for America’s continued survival as we know and love it!

    But, we must not stop here. We need to look into the choices for Vice President and make our wishes known here too! We must make sure that if McCain wins, and God forbid, something happens to him, we have strong leadership to resume his duties. We must make sure that that person is “willing” and can “fight” those who oppose our Constitution, our Democratic process, our continued way of life, in the continued assault waged by people like Pelosi, Obama, the Progressive Caucus, ANSWER, UFPJ, Code Pink, The Rainbow Coalition, and all the other radical groups who attack and attempt to destroy our nation from “within!”

  2. We would not have to buy Saudi oil if we had less tree hugging liberals here in the US. We could drill our own. Florida tried to get off shore drilling, shot down by DEMS in the House and Senate. Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, also trying get usable oil from coal shale ALL SHOT DOWN BY DEMS. So who is really supporting terrorism

  3. Thank you, David, for that plug. It is much appreciated.

  4. The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 08/11/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

  5. Blessed1 and liza, thank you both for your kind remarks. You are both right. Of course, time is part of the answer too! And, without God, no relief would ever come!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear what happened. I know the feeling of losing someone. And I know that God will guide you and help ease the pain from your heart. Just be strong.

  7. I hope that I never understand your written words. I cannot imagine how it would feel.. I try of course.. considering my husband is in combat but I know that I could never grasp the magnitude it would actually have. I am very sorry for your loss. I pray that the Lord brings you comfort in ways you have never expected.

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