No, I did not give up blogging…

though I have been tempted at times. My computer was broke for a while. I am embarrassed to say the problem turned out to be my monitor! When it finally died with a puff of smoke and the nasty smell of burning rubber, I was amazed I didn’t recognize the problem sooner!

I also had the sheer pleasure of watching my daughter graduate “Cum Laud” from college. Anyone who has had a college grad knows there is a lot to take care of at the end. Of course, I also had to plan a  college graduation party for her. There was just no way I wasn’t going to celebrate with a party. Seeing the look on my daughter’s face when she received her diploma made every sacrifice to that moment worth it. I cried before, during, and after for days! I was just so proud of her!

A neighbor friend of mine became ill and needed someone to drive for a while. They don’t don’t need a driver now; but, I have been awfully busy helping out in other ways. So, needless to say, I have been really tired lately and short of time. But, that’s what friends do, help each other in times of need!

Sigh! Doesn’t look like I was missed too much. Oh, well, “such is life!” Anyway, I am still helping my neighbor and his wife while he recovers his health. So for a while, my posting will be sporadic! To all those who visit, thanks for stopping by.

~ by devildog6771 on June 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “No, I did not give up blogging…”

  1. Thank you. Today she got a letter from the college telling her she made the “Dean’s List.” She says, “Would you look at this! Who cares? Don’t they know I graduated?” I had to explain they were letting her know they were adding that very important bit of information to her permanent records, lol!

    Cami dog, a…k.a. Rascal is doing very well now. Thank God for that! She is presently on assignment. She is waging guerrilla warfare against a gang of fleas who have joined the ranks of al Qaida! They are part of al Qaida’s new wave of home grown terrorists right here at home in America!

  2. I was wondering where you ran off too. Congrats to your daughter- WOW ! Cum Laud! And how is the dog?

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