Send a “Thank You” to General Petreaus

Sen. Mitch McConnell is providing a chance for people to send General Petreaus and our troops a “thank you” for a job well done. If you have been following Michael Yon, as I have, you know that the surge has been an amazing success. Though there is much left to do in Iraq, the increased Iraqi citizenry support has been a direct result of the successful efforts of General Petreaus and our troops.

Throughout Iraq, even in areas previously extremely violent, amazing progress has been made. In many areas, localities previously violent, have improved and local “neighborhood watch” type groups have been formed by citizens previously fighting our efforts, the Iraqi Army efforts, and the Iraqi government efforts. These groups now work with all of the above. They report vital information which has led to the capture or kill of deadly enemy leaders and fighters. They have also led to the destruction of safe houses for terrorists, weapons caches, and IED’s. This has led to fewer troops being killed and fewer Iraqi being killed.

Troops redeploying to previous Iraqi hot zones have reported back on their blogs that they see profound and marked improvement. Where our troops had previously had to watch for IEDs and snipers around every bend, at every over pass, in every piece of roadside debris, they now have to remind themselves to be ever vigilant. This is because there are now fewer incidents. Though not a usual roll for our troops, they now find themselves in the roll of rebuilding infrastructure or instructing Iraqi in this effort.

Please take the time to go to Sen. Mitch McConnell’s site at this link and thank General Petreaus “and” our troops for the great job they have done and are still doing! Let us show them we support them in their efforts. Let us show them how very proud we are for what they do!

H/t: Kathy at Gathering of Eagles


~ by devildog6771 on April 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “Send a “Thank You” to General Petreaus”

  1. A million Thank You. You have done a fabulous job… are still doing a fabulous job. I pray for you and my church prays for you. We love you in Batesville Arkansas.

  2. OK Mike, will do.

  3. devildog6771, my name is SGT Volkin, I am the author of the Ultimate Basic Training Series at, please write me an email as I would like to talk to you. thank you

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