“You will never stand as tall as free men and women!”

General Petraeus has reported on numerous occasions that the surge is working. There has been a continual decline in violence throughout Iraq. Local citizenry have begun to work with the Iraqi and Coalition forces. Huge caches of weaponry has been and is still being found and destroyed. Tips and cooperation of local Iraqi have led to numerous captures or kills of the enemy forces. Local economies are beginning to thrive. Infrastructure is steadily being rebuilt or built.

As our troops are redeployed to former “hotspots,” they report back that such dramatic progress has been made that they, the troops, find their biggest enemy is complacency on their own part to stay vigilant for VBIEDs, IEDs, snipers, and such. Deaths of Iraqi citizens, though still occurring is dramatically lower. Our own troop casualties have also dramatically lowered in number.

Despite the amazing progress reports being reported back by the troops on their blogs as they are redeployed to Iraq and reports by the General, high ranking Democrats continue to call for an immediate withdrawal due to a failed War in Iraq. Even as Sadr has been all but “squashed,” these anti-American voices ring out on Congress trying to stifle every positive accomplishment in Iraq. As a result, the enemy hears their dissent. It emboldens them to step up their aggression in the wake of the General’s report. They follow the lead of their biggest ally, the American left in Congress and across the nation!

General Petraeus has been in Washington since Monday to provide Congress with an update on the “Surge.” He will also speak about other related issues on Iraq.

“Democratic Senators Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Jack Reed, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have decried the lack of political progress and called it a sign of “failure.”

Pelosi even went so far as to say before the scheduled appearance of General Petraeus that he heeds to know in advance that Congress will not be fooled by General Petraeus positive reports. The implication, in my opinion. that General Petraeus is not to be believed! His report is inaccurate.

Michael Yon has made similar reports in his dispatches from the field. That’s “boots on the ground!” Here are a few, which I seriously doubt Nancy or any of her cabal have read:

Pelosi and her minions insist that General Petraeus will not fool them with his talks of progress. They don’t believe the General or Michael Yon. Then how about reports from the troops actually doing the fighting:

h/t:LT Nixon Rants for many of the above links!

Why are Democratic Senators Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Jack Reed, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi so determined that we fail? In the wake of success in Iraq, why are they continually trying to undermine every success in Iraq. When they have to know that their words serve as fuel for the enemy propaganda machine, why do they continue to do everything in their power to bring about defeat.

What about this post on a report in the Washington Post brought to our attention by Gathering of Eagles:

“More than three dozen Democratic congressional candidates banded together yesterday (3/27) to promise that, if elected, they will push for legislation calling for an immediate drawdown of troops in Iraq that would leave only a security force in place to guard the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

Rejecting their party leaders’ assertions that economic troubles have become the top issue on voters’ minds, leaders of the coalition of 38 House and four Senate candidates pledged to make immediate withdrawal from Iraq the centerpiece of their campaigns.

The plan focuses on five goals: ending U.S. military action in Iraq, using U.S. diplomatic power, addressing humanitarian concerns, restoring our Constitution, and restoring our military.

The plan is endorsed by the following candidates:

Darcy Burner candidate for U.S. House, Washington

Donna Edwards candidate for U.S. House, Maryland

Eric Massa candidate for U.S. House, New York

Chellie Pingree candidate for U.S. House, Maine

TOM PERRIELLO candidate for U.S. House, Virginia

Jared Polis candidate for U.S. House, Colorado

George Fearing candidate for U.S. House, Washington

Larry Byrnes candidate for U.S. House, Florida

STEVE HARRISON candidate for U.S. House, New York

SAM BENNETT candidate for U.S. House, Pennsylvania

Harry Taylor candidate for U.S. House, North Carolina

Alan Grayson candidate for U.S. House, Florida

Dennis Shulman candidate for U.S. House, New Jersey

Larry Grant candidate for U.S. House, Idaho

Leslie Byrne candidate for U.S. House, Virginia

Jim Hunt candidate for U.S. House, Montana

Bill O’Neill candidate for U.S. House, Ohio

Jill Derby candidate for U.S. House, Nevada

Alice Kryzan candidate for U.S. House, New York

Ed Fallon candidate for U.S. House, Iowa

Mike Waltner candidate for U.S. House, Pennsylvania

Joe Garcia candidate for U.S. House, Florida

Steve Marks candidate for U.S. House, Oregon

Debbie Cook candidate for U.S. House, California

Don Wiviott candidate for U.S. House, New Mexico

Darius Shahinfar candidate for U.S. House, New York

Faye Armitage candidate for U.S. House, Florida

Tom Wyka candidate for U.S. House, New Jersey

Cheryl Sabel candidate for U.S. House, Alabama

Timothy Cunha candidate for U.S. House, Florida

Ron Shepston candidate for U.S. House, California

Barry Welsh candidate for U.S. House, Indiana

Gretchen Clearwater candidate for U.S. House, Indiana

Roger Waun candidate for U.S. House, Texas

Ellen Greenberg candidate for U.S. House, New Jersey

Clint Curtis candidate for U.S. House, Florida

Jane Mitakides candidate for U.S. House, Ohio

Jennifer Dougherty candidate for U.S. House, Maryland

Steve Novick candidate for U.S. Senate, Oregon

Jeff Merkley candidate for U.S. Senate, Oregon

Greg Fisher candidate for U.S. Senate, Kentucky

Bob Tuke candidate for U.S. Senate, Tennessee

If you live in an area where one of these candidates is running, ENGAGE THEM! Let them know that victory in Iraq is crucial to our security and stability here at home and that any talk of surrender only encourages our enemies and damages our troops’ morale.

Remember, since the Democrats took control of Congress is 2006, not a single bill they’ve proposed requiring withdrawal in Iraq has become law. Let’s show these candidates that we will not be silent on any attempt to legislate our defeat!”

Just how far will the extreme, anti-American left in Congress and across America go to bring about defeat in Iraq? How many more Recruiting stations will they bomb? In how many more cities will they force through passage of laws banning our military. Even the integrity of our 2008 Presidential race is contaminated by leftist ideologists. It is hard to determine who is the larger threat, Obama or Clinton!

When will the attacks against the very fabric of every important ideal and value in America stop? The CPUSA , the DSA, and every major splinter group of this wave of socialist/communist anarchists are trying to end our Democracy! What I don’t understand is what motivates them! In every nation where they have succeeded in gaining control, their “welfare state” has failed. Poverty, anarchy, loss of hope, loss of ambition are all destroyed. Millions died! Millions more left those nations at the risk of their own lives!

People are not like animals. They require something to aspire to! They need the ability to set goals to strive for! They need to feel the success of achievement! They need to have hope! They need failure to give them the ability to learn from past mistakes! Socialism and communism destroys all these things which are a very integral part of our human make-up!

How many more millions must die, live in poverty, be subjected to totalitarian leadership, become enslaved to an unrealistic dogma by irrational malcontents? If every minority group and underdeveloped nation is subjected to socialism and/or communism, none of them will ever enjoy those very basic needs above that are so integral to our human self! When you teach a child to walk, you give them help and aides in the beginning. But, sooner or later, the aides are removed. The child is allowed to fall on occasion so it learns that all it has to do is get back up again. That soon it can and will walk on its own. Even animals require the opposite leg be wrapped at times to let it learn that their once injured leg is OK. They can really walk again on the once injured leg! Humans are much like that animal in this respect, we need to be able to try, to learn from our mistakes, to fail sometimes, to set goals, to have hope in order to achieve all that life has to offer! Take away the “reward” of achievement and “give” everything out of some misguided goal of “equalizing the masses” will never work!

Nor can we refuse to accept the individual limitations placed on each and every one of us due to our own individual intellect and physical abilities. All we can do is allow each person the right to try and regar have hope that their efforts will succeed. Provide help for those who have limitations in intellect, physical abilities, and such only in so far as allows them to meet their abilities to the best of their efforts. Provide means for education, medical care, and emotional and mental care and support as needed. Do not hold back those of exceptional or average abilities, etc.; but, don’t ignore the needs of those less capable. At the same time do not take away the necessary feeling of achievement we all need when we have accomplished a goal, regardless of our personal abilities! Humans will never be able to live in a society that forces denial of individuality!

It is time that, here in America, we wake up and take a closer look at the unrealistic and irrational ideology promoted by the leftist extremists! It is time we stopped allowing them to divide our nation! It is time we put an end to their attempt to destroy our Democracy. It is also time that we stopped sugar coating the purpose or end result of their goals. It is also time that we call a “traitor” a “traitor!” It is long past time when we should hold these anarchists accountable for their actions! The only failed war engaging America at this time is the “anarchist revolution” going on right here at home in America!! We don’t want your failed “utopian” ideological life here in America!

Get ready for the fall. You are about to land on your socialist backsides. You may get back up. But, “you will never stand as tall as free men and women!” Don’t blame American way of life for that fact. Look in a mirror and face the real culprit, the real enemy, the real reason for that truth!! You have chosen to freely give up your freedoms and rights for a failed ideology!


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