Will Arnold “Terminate” us or “Gore” us to death?

Did you know that for the first time in history, a “naturalized alien, oops, citizen,” can run for “president?” Neither did I! Have I been asleep or what? What about the MSM? I would have thought the media would be shaking the rafters over this latest effort to “win” an election by manipulating the “Constitution!” Where is the Supreme Court in all of this? Where is the “public outcry?”

I have to say that at one time, I entertained the thought “Arnold” might make a good president. That was when Arnold first successfully won the governorship in California. Then, there was also that element of “Americanism” that said to me, only in America could a “rags to riches” story such as Arnold’s come to realization. But all those fantasies were gradually replaced by reality. There was a reason the “Founding Fathers” prevented naturalized citizens from being elected President! If you think about it, it was the last and most powerful means of preventing a “take over” of America by men [and women], of means or otherwise, at the highest level in our government!

Let’s face it, the “Terminator” was an “evil dude” in his first visit back in time. Granted he did do a complete “180” in his second and third visit. But, even though the Terminator dude made the supreme sacrifice for mankind in the end, that was fantasy and we are supposed to be living in reality. We can’t be “terminated;” so, what’s Arnie going to do, “Gore” us to death?

News Blaze has a report on this latest turn in American politics. Their report, Gore and Schwarzenegger Launch Bipartisan Bid for the US Presidency , also has links to some statistics on the two candidates. By the way, take a look at the “urls” of the two links, lol. Both Arnold and Gore are big on environmental issues. Green Peace ought to love this! Of course Al Gore is the “male” clone of Hillary Clinton. Both are extreme leftists. Both try to hide it well. “Bore” even has a TV program designed to manipulate our young kids with his ideological views.

When I first read the story at News Blaze, my initial reaction was one of humor. Gore couldn’t get himself elected twice before so now he’s “gonna Terminate” us! But if you think about it, as News Blaze points out in their article, many will see this as a bi-partisan effort. It all makes me think that what the two are really doing is running a campaign designed to appeal “primarily” to the emotional drain many Americans are experiencing over the divided politics of the last two terms that have crippled Congress’ ability to do its job!

Personally, I see it as an amazingly insightful “socialist maneuver” to gain control of the White House. Think about it! If these guys, the socialists, now have the clout, [bought by George Soros’ money], to change the Constitution of the United States in order to accomplish their “takeover” of “America,” what’s next, “dissolving” the Constitution? Is this what our troops are dying to defend?

Go read the article over at News Blaze. It is pretty interesting.


~ by devildog6771 on April 3, 2008.

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