Profiling a MilBlogger

A while back, VAMC held a contest to select a “hero.” Readers nominated their hero and and offered reasons why their nomination deserved to be chosen. The runner ups and the winner received cash prizes and the recognition of readers. Naturally, I submitted my choice. I admit it was a difficult decision. There are simply so any out there. How do you just pick a single hero?

This is just one of the ways that VAMC supports our troops and veterans. They also have troops as guest writers. Probably one of the better known guests is C.J. from A Soldier’s Perspective. Of course VAMC also helps veterans find homes. Not affiliated with the V.A., they are very actively involved in their efforts to help veterans.

Shortly after the “hero” contest, a member of VAMC emailed me and ask me if I would be interested in answering some questions about “female milbloggers.” VAMC was doing a new project “profiling milbloggers.”I was very flattered and of course said yes! Imagine my surprise when a comment was left by a fellow blogger and troops’ supporter that my interview was posted on the VAMC site. I read it and decided it wasn’t too bad. I did sound maybe a little hokie. But, I honestly believe the things I wrote. Thank you VAMC for this wonderful honor. Thank you Debbie. I guess I better find more time to read my emails, lol!

Go over to the VAMC site and check out all they offer in support of our troops! I wouldn’t mind if you read my profile, either, lol!


~ by devildog6771 on March 27, 2008.

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