We will be there and “our battle cry” will be, “Never Again!”

The Department of Defense has issued a directive to its military civilian personnel to be careful on and off base because of the escalating of events by the anti war crowds. The movement has taken on a new momentum that now encompasses protesting outside recruiting offices and even the bombing of one such office in New York City. Berkeley has even passed laws in an effort to force the Marines out of Berkeley as unwelcome intruders. Their whole campaign sickens me.
Soldiers across the nation are spit on and harassed in increasing numbers. Graves and Memorials have been destroyed or defaced. Even the “Wall” was defaced! When I went to the rally in D.C. this past weekend to counter protest the protesters, I knew ahead of time there were warnings issued that we might be harmed! I went anyway. Saw “one” lonely moonbat!

Until now I disagreed with the Democratic leftist and protesters that the War in Iraq was like Vietnam. Now I can honestly say that I now agree with them. But not for the reasons the protesters would have us believe!

I agree because of the way they, protesters and antiwar people, say they support the troops as they spit on them and threaten them with bodily harm here at home in America. So, yes, the War in Iraq “is” now like Vietnam.

Now, here is what I have to say to those pathetic ’60’s wannabes and those Communists and Socialists who are trying to divide our nation and continue their onslaught against America:

As long as one Vietnam Veteran [real veteran] and those beautiful veterans from WWII and other wars who have joined us lives, our troops will never again be treated the way you treated our Vietnam Vets! If the past counter rallies haven’t convinced you, then this past weekend in D.C. ought to have shown you our determination!

If you protest outside the Recruiters’ Offices, we will be there, too. If you protest outside the White House, Congress, or the Capital, we will be there! In April, we will be there. Anywhere in America you protest, threaten our troops, the nation or the war effort, “WE WILL BE THERE, TOO!”


~ by devildog6771 on March 23, 2008.

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