“Outside the Wire” – A film trilogy about the War in Iraq

JD Johannes is a former U.S. Marine. Johannes spent three months in Iraq filming the side of the War in Iraq you won’t see in the MSM nor hear about in the “Halls of Congress!”

Unlike most media types who go to Iraq, J.D. left the safety of the “Baghdad Hotel” and the “Green Zone!” His three months filming in Iraq were done “boots on the ground,” side by side with our Marines and soldiers, in and around Baghdad. As our troops fought the enemy house to house, street by street, village to village, J.D. was there beside them every step of the way!

He didn’t just make a cursory “look see” and report back to his editor the “battle” was over! He stayed the course with our troops eating, sleeping, sweating, cheering and I am sure, at times weeping, with them as he recorded their courageous efforts in Iraq.

He recorded their triumphs and their tragedies. He recorded their acts of extreme heroism and bravery. In doing so, he also recorded the triumphs and tragedies of the Iraqi people in their fight for a free Democracy and Independence!

Check out the preview of his three part movie, Outside The Wire.

You won’t be sorry!

h/t: Another great story emailed to me in the Gathering of Eagles newsletter.


~ by devildog6771 on March 23, 2008.

2 Responses to ““Outside the Wire” – A film trilogy about the War in Iraq”

  1. I don’t mind if you antiwar types post here. But, I do resent your “hit and run” tactics! Come on, be a man, or woman, put something to support your post. Are you afraid of debate?

    You and your fellow supporters are the only American enemy I see! You constantly give aid, comfort, and support to our enemy. Then you act proud of your deeds! You have financially supported our enemy and the enemies of the Iraqi people. You march in the streets, spit on our injured troops at Walter Reed Hospital, block, bomb, and otherwise impede our recruiters who are enlisting brave men and women who could support and relieve our present troop force, ans supply “pr” for our enemy. Every time you do your “dirty deeds,” the enemy sees your acts and puts it on their blogs and webs to show their fellow terrorists that they are “wining” the war through the venue of “public opinion!”

    Well, not on my watch! How does it feel when veterans show up in droves, Gathering of Eagles, Eagles Up, Freedom’s Watch, The Band of Mothers, Vets for Freedom, DC Patriot Warrior, Free Republic, New England Warriors, Patriot Guard Riders, VFW members, the list goes on, of veterans and veteran family members, who are now standing up to you all and your traitorous acts and shouting you down with the words ringing all across America, “NEVER AGAIN?”

    Every where you go, we will be there, like a shadow that has turned on its owner, and we will shout you down! You see, we too, have learned from the 60’s! America is a Democracy. It is the beacon of hope and freedom that shines the world over!

    Every where your Socialists and Communist ideology has been instituted, it has created what it is supposed to fix, poverty, more deaths, and a total loss of individual and national rights!

    You want to give away your rights in the UK, go ahead. Your kind wants to do the same in America, hell no! We will never surrender our right to the principles and freedoms guaranteed in them.

  2. There is a semantic mistake in the introduction – US troops are the enemy in Iraq!!!

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