Battlestar Galactica calling it quits! Say it isn’t so!

Who decides when to end a show and when to let it continue? I want to know! I want to see if they are human or some automaton who is incapable of intelligent decision. It seems that every time a show comes on the idiot box that is worth a damn, the “powers to be” cut it off at the knees.

The latest victim of the ax is one of the best shows on the airways in quite a while, “Battlestar Galactica!” I have been watching the new version since it started and I have to tell you that in my opinion it is one of the very best programs to come along in quite some time. Every season it has had awesome ratings. This is especially noteworthy because it is a SciFi show.

The episodes are all well written. The actors and actresses are all excellent. Much like “Star Trek,” Battlestar Galactica does a very noteworthy job of parallelling world events. Where the “Trek” franchise often failed to push the limit and delve deeply into its characters and story line, Galactica always went where “Paramount’s always lacked the vision to go!” It delved into the heart and soul of each character, of each story line. The only other shows that equal Galactica in their quality of acting, plots, and innovation, are the Stargate programs. Both Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis are excellent programs.

With all the success that Galactica has had, why would the network even consider ending the show now? Is there some curse that inflicts itself on all SciFi shows that “do not” lack depth? Are SciFi fans going to have to settle for shallow programs like the latest new ones? Or will we have to settle for more of those brutally violent and gory programs with their “B” rated cast and scripts?

Personally, if it were not for Galactica and Stargate, I wouldn’t even watch SciFi. I began to drift away from SciFi after Babylon5, Crusade, Space Above and Beyond, and all the many other great shows old and new started to disappear. Every weekend there used to be shows of quality to watch. During the week, there were regulars too! Each day gave SciFi fans something of quality to look forward to like the non SciFi networks.

I enjoy the Monday night reruns of Enterprise and the daily Stargate Sg1 reruns on SciFi. I also enjoy the X-Files. But, the only decent shows with new on-going episodes are Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica. So tell me why the powers to be are canceling the show after this season! I really do want an answer to this question!!

On a final note, if Ronald D. Moore is all tapped out after four seasons, maybe he ought to go back to Paramount. He has done a great job up until now with Battlestar Galactica. But, if his creative juices “dry up” after four seasons, then he ought to be right at home at Paramount where they bleed the fans with their off screen enterprises


~ by devildog6771 on March 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica calling it quits! Say it isn’t so!”

  1. I hope you are right “Red.” I loved the “Old Galactica.” But, this new one was simply awesome! It has such great depth. The characters are all so well chosen. Every episode always keeps me riveted to the screen. I can’t wait to see this season.

  2. Damn! I was not a fan of the original Battlestar Galactica, but this version is so much better than most SciFi. Stargate is still very good and I also like SG-Atlantis.

    The only good thing that comes out of cancellations of excellent SciFi stories is that after a few seasons something even better comes along.

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