Gone, but not Forgotten

Michael J. Gray

PO 2nd Class Michael J. Gray

My nephew

Died in Kuwait March 5, 2004

A visit with Michael

I like to go to the cemetery at night
when the darkness spreads its eerie light.

I always drive down the road to the right
following the soft beam of the headlights.

As I drive slowly through the darkness I see
a carpet of beautiful trees scattered randomly.

The road quietly meanders around the outside
as I continue through where you now reside.

Inside the loop throughout the quiet little park
I see scattered here and there lanterns in the dark.

In every direction they cast a soft glow of light
like one big silky blanket of warmth each night.

They maintain their vigilance, the lanterns and trees
like the moon and stars nightly watch over the seas.

Finally I come to a stop and get out and walk a ways
down the little cement path I haven’t visited in days.

Then I look down at the marble plague on the ground
as all around me the crickets are the only sound.

I walk around to make sure nothing’s been disturbed
then I sit and talk to you for a while sure I am heard.

I talk about the good times we all used to share
and tell you how I feel and I lay my soul bare.

I talk about how proud we all are for what you did
and I think a lot about when you were just a kid.

I tell you what I know of your girls and you mom’s life
and then all about you grandma and Tisha, your wife.

But most of all I just sit and talk about things
I didn’t talk about before as I wipe away the tears that this always brings!



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