Vietnam Vet loses Arm for Second Time- Please Help!!

From Brat at Tanker Brothers comes this URGENT APPEAL which I received by email. Please read it then pass it on asap!

Vietnam Veteran loses Arm for Second Time

Vietnam Veteran Mitch Robertson and his wife Vickie left their home in Montebello, Virginia for their vacation in Destin, Florida. On their way they stopped in Gaffney, South Carolina at a hotel for the night. When they woke up their vacation had turned bad.

Mitch and Vickie went out to their car and found that someone had broken in and stolen their bags. In one of those bags was a Prosthetic Arm that helped give Mitch his freedom.

Mitch had lost his entire left arm when his helicopter crashed in Vietnam. The prosthetic arm that was stolen is a bionic model that was made specifically for Mitch. Mitch not only has lost his arm but is also slowly dying from Agent Orange. The new bionic arm gave him hope that his remaining years would be easier and that it would give him the freedom to do things he hasn’t done in 38 years.

Mitch put out a plea saying that who ever broke into his vehicle can keep his suitcase full of clothes and even the electronics that he had in there for his boat but please give him back his arm.

Our own Lori Tucker, SouthEast Regional Manager for the VA Team contacted Mitch and Vickie today. Lori asked Vickie what can Soldiers’ Angels do to help. Vickie’s response: For right now please just help us get the word out.

So to help this Veteran get his freedom back I’m posting this.

Here is some information on how to spot the bag:
-The arm is in a black and yellow duffell bag
-MHC Prosthetics is written on the bag
-the charger in the bag has the phone number of the company who made the arm

Here is the link to the video from Channel 7.

Should you have a question or want to help please feel free to contact me at


~ by devildog6771 on February 2, 2008.

7 Responses to “Vietnam Vet loses Arm for Second Time- Please Help!!”

  1. […] Vietnam Vet loses Arm for Second Time- Please Help!! […]

  2. That is a great idea! From Canada here, but we do have US bucks available up here! Will be glad to send some back down.

  3. This is what we do, look out for each other! Maybe we need to have a donation thing going. $1.00 from 25,000.00 people can get him a new one!!

  4. Thanks devildog for posting this – and Carol? NO ONE except the low life who took this arm needs to apologise….

  5. You are probably right Devildog, the arm has most likely been trashed somewhere and no doubt for the reasons you have cited. And hopefully it won’t be like finding a needle in a haystack and found sooner than later. And if not found, I certainly hope Mr. Robinson does not have to replace it out of his own pocket.

  6. Carol, you have no reason to apologize. Virgina has its nut cases too. They do not reflect on the whole. Everyone knows how you guys support the troops. Just go to the Gathering of Eagles site and the Patriot Guard Riders site and see for yourself. You guys shame many with your wonderful example of troop support!

    As for the low life who took this Vets arm, it is possible the thief didn’t know what he took. I really want to believe no one could or would go that far in protesting the war effort.

    But more important than blame is finding this Vets arm. By now the thief ought to know what they have done. Hmm, you know, maybe it has been trashed in a dumpster. Have the police and citizens locally done a search in the local dumpsters. I mean think about it. Here when this happens, it’s usually a person looking for something to “pawn” or sell for drug money. f you ever had this happen to you, and I have, everything no good for money is just trashed.

  7. This shameful disgraceful act has left all of us South Carolinian’s with egg on on faces.
    Everyone is aware and looking for his arm. I appoligize for whoever did this. I hope and pray someone finds it and returns it right away. So sorry…………

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