From the “Strategy Page”

The other day I came across a site called the Strategy Page. The site does a good job of tracking events of interest to both the public and the milblogging community. I linked to one the other day about the rift building between Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Here are a couple good ones I found there today:

  • “Down In The Hole”: Our troops now have somewhat immediate access to news and events back home. This is unprecedented. It wasn’t the case before in any previous war! Correspondence previously took weeks, even months. This has created a problem for reporters. Whether they or their editor back home unfairly or untruthfully turned a story into a negative reflection of the troops or the war effort, the reporters in the field must deal with the consequences of the media’s failure to report factual occurrences and events.

    “New reporters have come to expect that whatever inaccurate military reporting they have done in the past, will be quickly known by any troops they interview. You can’t hide from Google.”

  • “Anbar Disappoints”: You have served a tour in Anbar. Fought darn hard for every inch of success. Many of your buddies have died. Now you’re back for another tour. As a seasoned soldier used to constant attacks of one type or another, it is hard to remember to be ever vigilant at all times when things are so quiet. But, what about the new soldier, untried, primed for battle, eager to earn that sacred symbol of your of your combat efforts.

    “For years, marines associated Anbar with war, but now it’s just another quiet patch of desert.

You can read the rest of these two posts at their respective links. I must say, I knew things were improving in Iraq’s hot spots; but, I had no idea they had improved so much.

To all our troops, thank you. Your efforts and sacrifices are not unseen by all! We are so “damn proud” of you all!!

Semper Fi!


~ by devildog6771 on February 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “From the “Strategy Page””

  1. I suppose you are a reliable source, write no errors, i.e., with integrity, present both sides of everything, and are not against biased against anything whether or not it agrees with the Democratic view or is American?

    By the way, do you have any specifics or just unsubstantiated and unbiased opinions?

  2. And you think Strategy Page is a reliable source? It is so full of errors, one side information and basically biased against pretty much anything that differs from a Republican view of things or is non-American….

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